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The Order of the Sirame is a military force that was stationed in Laureh'lin, founded in 1504 within the city of Cerulin, Athera. It was founded at the behest of the provincial ruler, Tristin Tresery, after the Declaration of Lomian'onn, an edict imposed on the Wood Elves by the High Elves of Haelun'or to never muster an army or militia for battle. To resist further oppression from their High Elven counterparts, the newly founded military fought viciously and proudly to regain their Sirame; or their honor, racial integrity, and connection to nature, and they continued to fight for those values until the Order of Sirame was disbanded by Princes Kairn Ithelanen and Khaine Csarathaire after the Bronze Rebellion.

The Order of Sirame was mostly comprised of Wood Elves, though it wasn't uncommon for Dark Elves and High Elves loyal to the Dominion of Malin to serve within the ranks as well.


The enduring goal of the Order of Sirame was to preserve the traditions of the Mali'ame, sustain balance in nature, and to protect the citizens of the Dominion of Malin from all threats to their well-being. Despite their long lives, Elves who oathed themselves to the Order surrendered any future ambition to be Druids and acknowledged that they would be risking their lives for the duration of their service.


El'Annil had the final word in major decisions and focuses on the broader logistics of the Order of Sirame, such as leading and commanding in the field to assist lower-ranking officers. El'Ceru and El'Chirr always consulted with the El'Annil for advice and orders. El'Naero possessed no authority to lead, however, they were expected to be role models and idols for the lower ranks like the El'Haler and El'Averns. Soldiers were expected to obey orders from the Council, Princes, and El'Annil without question.

The Sirame had implemented a mentorship system to build trust in the ranks. Only El'Chirr and above could mentor their fellow soldiers, and they took up two Averns at a time to teach them. El'Naeri were exempt from mentoring since they had earned their independence. Mentors were expected to facilitate the growth of their followers and assist them in learning martial arts, mental discipline and cunning.

Ranking Structure

El’Annil: Annil meaning ‘guiding’ or ‘mentor’; this was the utmost rank of the Order. El’Annil oversaw soldiers in battle and was also a well-respected member of mali’ame society. They existed to guide, administer, and strategized the logistics of the Order and even fought alongside their soldiers when necessary. They were the exemplars of the might of Linandria.

El’Ceru: Ceru meaning ‘mighty’; these were the most trusted guardians of El’Annil. As the highest ranking officers, their role was to oversee the finer points of the Order, advising El’Annil whenever necessary. They were typically the most adept warriors and the most experienced members of the Order of Sirame under El’Annil.

El’Chirr: Chirr meaning ‘wolf’; these were the lowest ranking officers, managing the bulk of recruitment processes and relaying direct orders from their superiors. A promotion to this rank is was attainable if a soldier displayed exceptional leadership qualities and unwavering discipline.

El’Naeri: Naeri meaning ‘devout’; these are the most disciplined and adept of foot soldiers. El’Naeri have proved themselves wholly devoted to the Order of Sirame and are deemed fully capable by their mentors.

El’Haler: Haler meaning ‘oathed’; these are the foot soldiers who have proven themselves to be wholly committed and engaged in the ways of the Order of Sirame.

El’Avern: Avern meaning ‘wanderer’; these are the newest initiates in the Order of Sirame. They are typically untrained and their devotion to the cause of the Mali’ame is yet to be discovered. Moving beyond this stage requires absolute submission to superiors.


The Sirame hold an assortment of duties which all revolve around a central role: To protect and preserve the Aspects and their followers.



  • Disbanded


Notable battles

  • The Purge of Mali’Fenn, 1584-1587