Old Duchy of Rozania

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Duchy of Rozania
Flag of the Kingdom of Rozania
Capital: Róża
Religion: Church of the Canon
Languages: Common , Rozanian
Demonym: Rozanian
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Current Royal House: Sarissa.png House of Buckfort
Duke(s): Eliza Raven, Duchess of Rozania
Nadia Buckfort, Duchess of Rozania
Duke-Consort: N/A
Marshal of the Military: N/A
Master of Paper: Nadia Buckfort, Duchess of Rozania
Master of Coin: Eliza Raven-Sentinel
Master of Whisperers: Nadia Buckfort, Duchess of Rozania
Preceded by: Sarissa.png County of Sarissa
Succeeded by:

norland.png Barony of Krew (de-facto, formerly)

BaronyPinemaw.png Barony of Pinemaw (de-facto, formerly)

Redclyf.png Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania |-

The Duchy of Rozania was a majority Human Duchy situated north of Yong Ping and south of the Kingdom of Norland. Rozania was founded by Sarissans who had burnt down and departed from Brynrose and settled the village of Buckville after a five-year-long stay in Yong Ping within a tent city. It was originally founded as a Kingdom by William Buckfort until its defeat in Oisin's Rebellion. After pressure from the Principality of Sedan & the Principality of Savoy, Rozania was converted to Canonism and entered the world stage. [1] The current ruling family of the Duchy of Rozania is the House of Buckfort. Following the fall of the Duchy of Rozania, the Rozanians split into two successor-states. The Urguani Barony of Pinemaw, and the Norlandic Barony of Krew. Both of these states claim to be the rightful successor-state of Rozania in their own right.



The Kingdom of Rozania traces its roots back to the County of Sarissa when its people still pledged fealty to the Monarchs of Sutica. While there had been rulers of Sarissa before, the modern Sarissan-Rozanian identity began when William Buckfort became Count. After many years of servitude to the Sutican crown, William became unsatisfied with the restrictions that came with being a vassal and decided to renounce his oath to the Crown. After renouncing his oath, William traveled to Yong Ping and made an agreement to have his people temporarily settle in their lands until they could scout out a location to establish their independent Kingdom. After five years, William led the Rozanians away from Yong Ping lands and settled in between Norland and Yong Ping, establishing the village of Buckville and proclaiming the formation of the Kingdom of Rozania, with himself being the first King. This also established the Buckfort family as the royal family of Rozania.

After a few months of residing in Buckville, King William had the village demolished and replaced with a large city which came to be known as Róża. With a proper capital finally established, the Kingdom of Rozania began to slowly increase in population and popularity. In the months that followed the construction of Róża, Rozania was largely at peace while the Rozanian people settled into the City.

A year of peace passed, and Róża had boomed in population. This population increase was only boosted after William Buckfort held an official coronation ceremony, and was thusly crowned King William I of House Buckfort, despite already calling himself King for some time. Meanwhile, the old Sarissan guard force known as the PKS was disbanded and reformed into the KAR, which served as Rozanias official royal army. Even so, the Military also saw a slow increase in membership, especially since small groups of bandits began to harass Rozanian citizens. Oisin O'Breathnach Buckfort, Prince-Marshal of the KAR, used this as an opportunity to begin a mass recruitment campaign for the KAR.

After a violent disagreement between King William and Prince-Marshal Oisin, William disowns Oisin which spurs him to declare an open rebellion against William's throne. This sparked Oisin's Rebellion, which ended after Oisin fled Almaris to Aeldin. However, during the rebellion, the Principality of Savoy entered several battles against the Kingdom and began to take an interest in the fledgling settlement. After the war had ended this led to several missionary trips by the Savoyards into the Kingdom of Rozania.

After much of the fighting had passed, William Buckfort took his leave, and left the Duchy of Rozania to his heir's in a letter. Gwyn Buckfort, and Nadia Buckfort. Due to Gwyn's age, Nadia asked for Eliza Raven's assistance in leading. Eliza Raven and Nadia Buckfort became the Duchess's of Rozania in 41 S.A.


Soon after Duke William Buckfort abdicated and the Duchesses took power inactivity soon spread out through the Rozanian Realm. With several key leaders within the government fleeing to several different places. And soon after the capital of Rozania was burned to the ground. In 78 S.A the Duchy of Redclyf-Rozania was formed, although the Duke of said place does not have original Rozanian heritage.