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High Elf Cap.png
Race: High Elven
Affiliation: Silver Enclave of Haelun’or
Location: Center Atlas
Founded: 1642
Current Ruler: Maheral Kulin'oem Vallei'tir

Okarn'thilln is the capital city of the Silver Enclave of Haelun’or, followers of the teachings of Larihei, the first Elf to bathe in the golden pools and become a High Elf. The populace is a magical one, most if not all citizens having mastery of one if not a proficient comprehension of a plethora of different spells. Under the protection of the Silver State you will find the Eternal Library being the paramount institution in the land, keeping record of 'aheral history, ancient Elven language and magic among many other things. Other notable establishments being Elsillumiran (The Weeping Blades), the peacekeeping protectors of the land.


Upon landing on the Isle of Atlas, the High Elves set out to find a new home, traveling for miles upon miles, until they finally found a place where they could begin construction. They set out and quickly begun the construction of their new city naming it Okarn'thilln after months of building the city was finally complete in 1642. With the appointment of Odessa Visaj as Okarir'maehr, the establishing of the Eternal College begun. In cooperation with the long serving Okarir'leyun Elrith the facilities for the new institution was prepared in the large halls of the Council Building, crowning the top of the mountain the city is built on. With the reitrement of Cenwall Maeyr'onn a new Sohaer was elected in the form of Arelion Laurir'ante, who chose to disband the Sohaerate and form a council government. Arelion Laurir'ante chose to name it "The Annil'thilln Reform", which geared towards decentralising power after Cenwall Maeyr'onn's long reign.

Elections were held to elect the positions of Okarir'mali, Okarir'tayna, Okarir'tir and Okarir'leyun. The selections were made and the city welcomed the new government leaders. With the appointment of Kulin'oem Vallei'tir as Maheral, the city began a new period of growth and development, choosing to tear down the old walls and rebuild anew, to start fresh from the beginning.

Notable Figures

  • Maheral Kulin'oem Vallei'tir
  • Okarir'mali Arelion Laurir'ante
  • Okarir'tayna Vanya Damaer
  • Former Ah'Sohaer Cenwall Maeyr'onn
  • Former Okarir'maehr Odessa Visaj
  • Former Maheral Athedil Acal'elor


Silver Council

The Silver Council, or elheial’thilln in the ancient tongue, acts as the governing body of Haelun’or. The council itself comprises six positions including the Sohaer, Maheral, Medi’iran, and the Okariran. The Okariran (guardians) are democratically elected by the pure citizenry to preside over certain areas of the state. The Sohaer (ruler) is determined via a vote by elheial’thilln. The Sohaer may choose up to two Medi’iran (helpers) to assist them with their governing. Finally, the Maheral (most blessed) is determined by the Heial’laurir of the Talonnii. These councillors collectively oversee the Silver Sohaerate and deliberate to make the most suitable decisions to ensure the continued prosperity of Haelun’or.


Head of the city, both as a representative of the people, and an outright physical symbol of mali'aheral authority. Where our Maheral will stand for custom and tradition, the Sohaer shall be the embodiment of governance. With the outright advantage of power, the Sohaer bears great responsibility. He or she bears the weight of order, and the one elected to this position must possess the strength to protect the city above all else. For he or she will be the first pair of hands always, to uphold Her. Due to their great responsibility, citizens are encouraged to refer to the Sohaer as “Laurir.”


Enforcer of Haelun’or Law and protector of the Silver City. It is the Okrarir’sil who acts as the embodiment of Silver Law and manages the Sillumiran. In addition to this, the Okarir’sil constantly works to prepare the city for the eventuality of any form of assault, internal or external, to ensure Haelun’or’s continued order and security.


Guardian of knowledge and pinnacle of learnedness, the Okarir’maehr assures that the city marches ever forth on its mission to progress. It is the Okarir’maehr which is perhaps the most revered of all Okarir, for carrying out this most blessed task.


Guardian of the Land and keeper of all that which is material. The Okarir’leyun ensures that the city has sufficient resources in order to remain prosperous. It is also expected that they communicate often with other council members so that all have a sufficient supply of their relevant resources and report any significant shortages.

As Guardian of Beauty, the Okrarir’leyun oversees all building development in the city - ensuring each addition to the silver city is a spectacle to behold. The Okarir’leyun is not just an architect but artist in their own right. They provide the citizenry with tasteful views of Haelun’or, and are in control of upkeep of the buildings.

Notable Locations

The Eternal College

The Eternal College is an institution, located in Okarn’thilln, established and managed by the Okarir’maehr of Elheial’thilln, the Silver Council of Haelun’or. The Eternal College is dedicated to the safeguarding of culture, and the furthering of knowledge. All who wish to enroll in the Eternal College, are to undergo years of learning and studying with the goal of mastering and nurturing a strong bond with whichever art they choose to matriculate. The Eternal College and it’s many lectures are first and foremost reserved for Mali’aheral of Haelun’or. Mali of foreign nations, Mali’ker and Mali’ame, are to prove their dedication to Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya before they are allowed admission.

Above all, The Eternal College serve as the guiding hand for matters on Mali’thill culture, and purity. Mali’aheral wishing to reunite with their kin, as well as Mali of other blood applying for citizenship, are to undertake education on Haelun’or law, Elven and Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya.

The Celestial Order

Founded by Arcane Mage Iatrilemar Elervathar, the Celestial Order is home to some of the greatest arcanists the realm has to offer. The majority of the order’s members are known as Celestial Arcanists, practitioners of Arcanism who have reached the pinnacle of the art - their intrinsic auras having transcended to that of a greater aura. The Order seeks to bathe the realm in the blessed light of the Arcane Mage’s gift and to ensure the prosperity of all, regardless of national affiliation.



High Elves practice no religion, due to their belief that placing faith in an invisible deity would be the illogical thing to do. Believing dogma to be of no use to them or even detrimental to progress and innovation.

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