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Norkai of the High Tower
Art by: mateolog
Born: N/I
Death: 1677
Father: Baldin Ironside
Mother: N/A
Spouse(s): Bithra Stormfist †

Norkai was the adoptive son of Baldin Frostbeard-Grandaxe. He is well known for being the first Patriarch of the Steelhearts, aswell as being the Keeper of the COnfederation of Hammers, and its main religious figure during the dark years. For a portion of his life Norkai was called Kerwyr II, a name his adoptive father gave him in honor of his fallen friend Kerwyr Frostbeard.


Norkai was a mysterious dwarf who kept a lot of anger in his heart due to the harsh life he has had. He was forced by Verthaik II Frostbeard to order the murder of his adoptive father Baldin. He also had to be humiliated for many years for being the adoptive son of Baldin. Even when Norkai tried to join the Frostbeard clan, the clan of his biological parents and adoptive father he was denied. This forced Norkai to find another clan. He soon became friends with Edel Stonemace who was also of Frostbeard blood but followed his father Throri in making a new clan. Eventually the Throri and Edel became enemies trying to gain leadership of the clan. By now Norkai was the only elder in the clan and as both sides voted for themselves when it came time to pick a leader Norkai tried to make the best of it. Edel did not have anything to offer Norkai. Throri however offered his daughter to Norkai in exchange of the vote. In repulsion of such attitude and because Edel was Norkai's friend he voted for the son. Soon after Norkai and Edel became inseparable and they formed the Silvervein clan out of the bones of the clan of Edel's Father, Norkai becoming Kerwyr II Silvervein and Edel becoming Edel Silvervein.

As the elder of the Silverveins Norkai often travelled outside Kaz'Ulrah to talk to new dwarven comunities and try to stregthen the possition of the Silverveins. In one of the missions Norkai was send by Edel to meet with the Hammerforges, a group of dwarves that formed a clan out of a branch of the Grandaxes. The two clans eventually got closer and merged creating the Confederation of Hammers.

The Confederation and Kaz'Ulrah had many conflicts but the dwarves of Kaz'Ulrah where never able to breach the capital of the confederation, in one of these conflics Norkai was given the title of HighTower because of his skill with the vow from ontop of the main watch tower of the confederation. As Norkai became the Keeper of the Confederation he had by law to leave behind the name of his clan to show he is not biased. This caused a divide between him and his friend Edel Silvervein who felt betrayed by Norkai. Edel left the Confederation and left the clan to Gimli, Norkai's son. When Edel returned he tried to lay chaos. In part he succeeded, with time the Confederation became divided and moral ran low causing the confederation to fall as many clans of the confederation rejoined Ulrah. Norkai however did not accept this, he took a group of dwarves and he created a pirate band.

Norkai and his pirates terrorized the House of Hartcold for many years, stealing much of their resources and kidnapping their nobles. Norkai was offered the title of Captain of the navy of Ulrah but Norkai refused it. Norkai only stopped his pirate career when the Confederation left Ulrah once more.

This new Confederation looked to reunite the dwarves stoping the spilling of dwarven blood. Saddly Norkai was never able to see the reunification of the dwarves. In a time of rage due to the death of Edel Silvervein by the blade of Hamnil Frostbeard, Norkai walked into Kaz'Ulrah and demanded to honor duel Hamnil Frostbeard the dwarf that rejected him from becoming a Frostbeard so many years ago. Norkai lost the duel and demanded that Officer Grudgebeard ended his life as he could not bear the dishonor to be defeated by a kinslayer that had his beard cut. Officer Grudgebeard would accept Norkai's demands and plunged his blade through Norkai's heart ending his life. Some years later it would be known that Edel did not actually die and that he survived the wounds caused by the duel.


Norkai’s appearance was well known for his ponytail and pirate uniform. However, his ruby eye was the most striking thing about his appearance. This eye would latter be called the eye of the Patriarch which would be passed down from Patriarch of the Steelhearts to the next generation.


Like many of the dwarves born during the unstable years, Norkai was heavily centered in the survival of his dwarven community no matter the cost. This made him very machiavellian in his actions. He was also prone to fits of rage when annoyed, an example of this was when he killed a noble woman of Santigia by crushing her face with a bat once she started to talk down to him.


Norkai’s biggest influence was Baldin. Norkai’s philosophy of life and view of the world was directly influenced by Baldin’s teachings.


Surprisingly the legacy of Norkai is veiled in mystery. He was a dwarf beloved by his children and the other Steelhearts. He also created a large part of the Silvervein's culture based on the believes of the Steelhearts. However, when Edel returned from his presumed death he dedicated himself to devalue the accomplishments of the dwarf as he feared he was stealing the spotlight from him. Because of this the accomplishments of Norkai in the Silvervein have been mostly lost to time with very few dwarves remembering the time when Norkai was an honored elder of the clan.


  • Norkai possessed a flaming sword of holy fire that he passed down to his children.
  • Norkai has had a pirate fleet of 3 boats during the height of his career.
  • Norkai used to have an addiction to multiple types of drugs during the last days of his life.