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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

New Terriko was a town during the times of Aegis, crafted from the legacy of its predecessor, Terriko Village. Close to the city of Galahar, it was initially under the jurisdiction of Oren and later the Realm of Hanseti. The town was guarded by the military force known as The Wolverines. It fell to the Undead in 1349, although through the staunch defense there was no miasma.


After the destruction of the original Terriko Village, the construction of New Terriko took many days, and the return of once-mayor Mayor Kofri only slightly helped the building. Mayor Kofri and Jeremy, the town locksmith, took a long and hard thought about the new designs for New Terriko. Once the decision was made they put the town to work. Jeremy took in charge of creating a cobblestone wall and created a gate for the entrance. Karnin Kofri helped the citizens recreate their homes and shops. Later, Austin, the town hunter, built two larger guard towers outside the town walls. The town eventually contained a dock, farm, large fountain, blacksmith, shop district and inn. The suburbs land was created mainly by Austin but had small help from Frenchie and Josiah. There was a community park, farm and multiple houses and shops. In 1349 New Terriko was besieged by Undead and tainted. Nearly the whole of the city was affected, but thanks to the work of defenders the Undead conducting the attack was killed before a deadly miasma could be spread throughout the city.

Races and Acceptance

New Terriko accepted Dwarves, Orcs, Elves and of course, Humans. The town appreciated all citizens that come in and the help they provided. Stealing and destruction could be punished with banishment from the city or possibly worse. This was because houses, inns and farms were being raided heavily.

Notable Members

- Frenchie, a Dwarven shopkeeper.

- Karnin Kofri, Dwarven mayor of Terriko Village and returning mayor of New Terriko.

- Austin, member of the guard and town hunter.

- Jeremy, town locksmith.