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Artwork by B3ast_mod
Ranking:: Dragaar-Lich
Proxies:: The Black Sun
Hostility: High
Note: Dragonkin fall under jurisdiction of the LT.
My Immolating Flame, within, was suffocated by the Abyss… And now the dark is all that I am. -Mordring the Ashen

Mordring is a Dragaar Lich known for constructing the Sunless Sanctum and creating the current iteration of Wraiths. He resides in the Sunless Sanctum, his form not unlike the Wraiths he has created.


Once known as the Radiant One, Mordring was praised in the ancient times as a venerable lord of light by those who glorified the Dragonkin, making rise to obscure orders and brotherhoods dedicated to the Radiant One’s grand, goodly and unifying ideals. The Grayscale Legion, an ancient band of knights, had been responsible for constructing altars all across old Aegis and the lands beyond; enchanted with lost magics in order to turn them into means to contact the Dragaar himself. The Grayscales were known in legends to embody their revered Lord’s ideals, but fell into disorder and darkness after Mordring disappeared, leading them to worship and hunt the flesh and blood of Dragons in place of their missing idol.

After a long age of suffering and failed self-repair, Mordring became a true Drakaar after descending into the Abyss in hopes of swift death. What is known as the Immolating Flame within him had been suffocated by the dark of the Abyss, and displaced by the peace of shadow and ash; allowing him to linger on as a corrupted Drakaar, but without the will to ensue chaos. Mentored by the lord of the Abyss, Malkaathe, he learned the ancient arts of the occult while mending in the lightless chasm for over two centuries before constructing the Sunless Sanctum, the sanctuary of the dark.

As time went by, Mordring deemed it necessary to revive the servants of Dragons in their purest form—basically, Harbingers. They were rechristened and combined with previous iterations of Wraiths, and sent forth to enact Mordring's will.

Mordring's Will

Wraiths are bound to follow Mordring's will, that being the preservation and protection of the dragonkin. Dragons and Drakes have been driven to near extinction under the wrath of the Descendants, but Mordring would seem them restored. Thus, he bestowed upon Wraiths the ability to summon the Draconic Vessel, a hollow black orb that Wraiths can fill with the lifeforce of 15 mortal Descendants, creating a fledgling Dragon.

Mordring's will is also followed by a Drake known as Satar. He patrols the depths of the Abyss, and can be summoned to the Sunless Sanctum by any who places their hand on a certain altar and recites a certain phrase.