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In the sanctuary library, there is a hard cover book with a title of "Monk Resurrection." An intriguing title, perhaps you would read the book.

It is the salvation of many lives, but I wonder why I have seen nothing written on it. The monks, as is very well known, are able to save those that have passed away. While managing my stall at the sanctuary grounds I have been able to see for myself some of these happenings, or so I believe.

This magic, unlike many others, is one I know very little about. Like all holy magics it seems to be manifested as a bright light, mostly used to heal those wounded. Besides the bright light, the monk performing it is praying to the Triumvirate. It appears to be like clerical healing, but it has other properties. Sometimes a monk arrives at the sanctuary a bit hurt after travels. It appears bandits and the like do not care that they are mugging what could be their savior. What I have to say about those monks, is that unlike normal folk, their wounds heal faster. This is of course due to their magic, small flecks of light I have seen surrounding and healing the wounds. Then the monks are able to bring back the once deceased fully mortal once more.

This is not to say they are necromancers. Those simply raise the dead, and they remain in a limbo state living and being deceased. The monks are able to bring the body and soul exactly like it was before the death, in near perfect condition. From those I have talked to over the years in the Sanctuary, there is an always present effect of being saved. Present in all of those that I have seen, none have memories of their death or even of the events leading up to it. Other common effects are scars, sometimes showing how the poor soul met its end before, or of the tortures it passed. The ones that worry me the most is that sometimes the ones saved change… I have talked to some before and after saving, and changes can be quite extreme. Some go crazy, others start to live in constant fear, some remain with pains in parts of their bodies. The changes they can go through are incredibly varied. I could conjure up reasons as to why that happens, all of them without means of proving so. I just believe death to be a terrible experience, that part of it continues on even after salvation.

Another interesting fact I have gathered, somehow by luck, is that the saved do not want to return to the location that they had perished. This particular thought came to me when one of the saved was hugged dearly by what I assumed was his lover. Before that, his body had been carried by another, a friend perhaps, and he and I had a chat about what happened. I knew of the exact location of his demise, and as him and the woman were moving away, he asked if they were passing through that exact area when returning home. With the confirmation of the woman, he started giving out other ways to reach their house. A big argument even happened when the woman just wanted to go home as fast as she could with him, and he plainly refused to go through that area, which was the only road to their house. He didn’t know himself why he didn’t want to. Alas he returned to normal about half a day later. Since then I started noticing other strange behaviors such as people staying in the sanctuary for longer times, not using their normal routes out of the sanctuary and returning shortly after leaving with a friend. I simply believe once more, that the experience was so horrible, that those saved gain a subconscious fear of their death place. Besides, what would happen if they saw their own body?

On the mention of bodies, I do have to state as well, it is not necessary for the body to be brought back to the monks for the resurrection. I have seen many monks bring bodies to the sanctuary, so I believe it might be quite easier with them. This is favorable, as in the lands of Anthos there are many evils. You can be decapitated, eaten, thrown into lava, cut into little bits and drowned in the deepest of oceans. Your body may disappear and never been found once more, and you may this way still be saved. How they restore the body I do not know, and the monks seem not to answer when I ask them. They do answer a few questions. I learned, for instance, that the monks are neutral, and never take side in political views or wars. They also take this neutrality to those they save. I have seen those of evil whose purpose is to kill being saved together with the children that never made any harm. This has brought problems to the monks before, many want others to remain dead.

Most of the stories of the saved start quite simply with them explaining how they woke up in the monk’s care. Seems to always be the same as I stated. Some come back quite soon after their demise, already back before their friends and family run to the sanctuary to check, and others can take elven days. Yet this magic is not all powerful. As the monks mention, they cannot save all. If the deceased does not walk out of the monks rooms an elven week after their death, they are forever lost. The same happens to those that take their own life. I believe that if they think that they don’t want to live anymore, then they wouldn’t return to the land of the living.

The monks are a blessing to mortals, they are those that save so many from their shortened lives.

Written by Rosso, 15th of Malin's Welcome 1452

Those dead can be resurrected by monks.

Everyone may be resurrected (of those considered mortals).

If you don’t revive your character for an IRL week and he’s permakilled.

Your character commits suicide by his own choosing to end his life and he is permakilled.

Those resurrected lose the memory of the events leading up to the death.

They may keep any scars of what happened to them.

They may create other changes to the character that make sense.

You can not return to the place of death for 30 minutes.

Monks don’t need a body to resurrect someone.