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| Julius of Kortrevich || 1745 || Alive || Unwed || Second-born son of Marcus I and Dame Winnifred Alimar.
| Julius of Kortrevich || 1745 || Alive || Unwed || Second-born son of Marcus I and Dame Winnifred Alimar.
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Marcus I
Lord Palatine of Haense
Reign: 1741-1752
Predecessor: Ser Konrad Stafyr
Successor: Prince Georg Lothar Alimar
Knight Paramount of Haense
Reign: 1752-1754
Predecessor: Ser Tiberius Barrow
Successor: Ser Jonathan Frostfire
Margrave of Korstadt
Reign: 1748-1757
Predecessor: Title Created
Successor: Viktor I of Korstadt
Baron of Koravia
Reign: 1737-1757
Predecessor: Otto I of Koravia
Successor: Viktor I of Korstadt
Born: 17th of Msitva and Dargund, 1719
Reza, Haense
Spouse: Winnifred of Muldav (1740)
House: Kortrevich
Father: Otto Kortrevich
Mother: Kaitlyn Kortrevich neé unknown

Markus Otto Kortrevich, known as Markus I, (17th of the Deep Cold, 1719–Present) of the House of Kortrevich, is the first Margrave of Korstadt and second Baron of Koravia under the rule of Kortrevich following his father's abdication. He is the eldest and only son of Lord Otto of Koravia and former Lord Marshal of Haense. At a young age he served as a war underneath Terrence May and took prominent interest in the Kingdom's political functionaries. Following Ser Konrad Stafyr's withdrawal from his duties as Palatine, Markus served as his successor from 1741-1752. For a short moment in time he served as the Knight Paramount until Ser Tiberius Barrow was placed into seated power.

Early Life and Young Adulthood

Born in Reza to Lord Otto Kortrevich, Lord Marshal of Haense. Markus’ childhood was tame in nature as he studied underneath Terrence May. As an only child, he made friends with those around his age at school. Throughout his early adolescence, Markus trained with his father and his father’s commanders of the Royal Army of Haense and as he neared adulthood he would join their ranks to defend the city. Although coming from a militant household, his interest for politics persisted which caused disapproval from the mass of the family. As Markus neared the age of majority, his learnings underneath Terrence May persisted and his undying interest to serve underneath the Royal government continued to last. In his early twenties, following former Lord Palatine Konrad Stafyr’s withdrawal from the Palatine’s office- Markus would enter as an educated statesman eager to promote Haeseni values and desired change.


Lord Palatine of Hanseti-Ruska

Markus Kortrevich (Common: Mark Kortrevic) is a Haeseni nobleman and knight, belonging to the nascent Kortrevich family of originally gentry origins and serving as Lord Palatine from ES to ES. Once a commander and soldier in the armies of Robert I and Marius II, cutting his teeth with the brutal conflict of the War of Two Emperors, Markus rose up in the civil Haeseni administration as centralist protegee under the senior politicians Ser Terenz Mau and Ser Konrad Stafyr. After the former’s lackluster tenure and the latter’s more successful yet domestically-oriented tenure, Markus was called up to the palatinate, chiefly for his lofty military experience and centralist roots, upon the start of the civil conflicts in southern Haense. Leading a war-time administration, his early career came dominated in the field as commander-in-arms to Andrik III, successfully warding off an assault on Reza (294) by rebel forces and scoring a victory at Hangman’s Bridge (295) in the later spring. While Markus rode the laurels of military achievement, domestically his administration came under siege by rival feudalist opponents. After Markus halted all government projects during the war, including the construction of the canal connecting the river Karov to lake Helena, the feudalist majority called and passed (7-5) a vote of no confidence upon the palatine, though in a political twist of fortune was ignored by Andrik III, leaving him in control of government. In the years following, Markus, as leader of the centralists, would reconstruct its majority in the Duma after a feudalist domination of twenty years, and by the end of his twelve years as palatine, would have flipped the Duma entirely from its traditionally anti-centrist views. Most infamously, Markus survived both an assassination attempt (orchestrated by a disgruntled feudalist during the canal crisis) and later a short time as prisoner of war during the winter months of 299. Markus also continued sponsoring learning and education during his tenure, including the foundation of the first university (called the St Charles University of Reza) under the lead of his later palatinate successor, Georg Alimar the Younger. Later in his career, when the war drifted further from Reza, he continued the work of reconstructing and maintaining the defenses of Haense’s central region. Markus maintained government until the young Andrik IV’s mortal injury and regency, which came instead to be controlled under the military by lead of Sir Tybis Barrow. This transfer of government would eventually lead to Markus’ willing resignation, though he maintained his position in administration as Knight Paramount.

Knight Paramount of Hanseti-Ruska

Following Ser Tiberius Barrow’s untimely death, the Crown of Haense required a fit replacement for Knight Paramount. It was quickly decided by the Aulic Council that Markus would fill the seat temporarily until a person could be selected for an extended length of time. Due to this, Markus withdrew himself from the Palatine’s office and assumed his new position for two years.

Margrave of Korstadt


Titles, Styles and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1737-1747: His Lordship, Baron of Koravia
  • 1748–1757: The Most Honorable, Margrave of Korstadt

Full Title of the 2nd Lord of Kortrevich

The formal title of Markus I is: The Most Honorable, Lord Markus Kortrevich, Margrave of Korstadt, Baron of Koravia, Lord Palatine of Haense, Knight Paramount of Haense, Lord of Blackhall.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Victor I, Margrave of Korstadt 1741 Alive Marya of Ayr Firstborn child of Marcus I and Dame Winnifred Alimar. Successor of Marcus I.
Julius of Kortrevich 1745 Alive Unwed Second-born son of Marcus I and Dame Winnifred Alimar.