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Ser Markus circa 1603

Markus Brawm-Lothston (3rd of the Grand Harvest, 1568 – 17th of The Grand Harvest, 1604), commonly referred to as Ser Markus the Loyal, was a Hansetian knight of the notable gentry Brawm family, serving all three kings of the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska till his death in 1604. When his family rose in revolt in the early 1590s, Markus chose to remain in the service of King Marius.

In reward for his service, he was granted his own arms and standards, and the heredity privilege of said arms. Himself and his descendants took the name Lothston.

Markus died in 1604 following the retreat from the disastrous Siege of Vasiland.


Markus was married to Natalie Kallstad to which he had 4 children.

Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Rodrik Brawm-Lothston 3rd of Amber Cold, 1594 1667 Emma O'nel N/A
Raelynn Brawm-Lothston 3rd of the Amber Cold, 1594 1612 Unwed N/A
Ethan Lothston 15th of the Grand Harvest, 1556 1638 Unwed N/A
Evelyn Lothston 10th of the Amber Cold, 1605 1622 Rodrik II Nightingale N/A