Ludwig von Audrick

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Ludwig von Audrick
Vice-Chancellor of Sedan
Tenure: 59 S.A. - 68 S.A.
Predecessor: John Alexander Hartcold
Successor: Unappointed
Born: 32 S.A, Karosgrad, Kingdom of Haense.
Died: Alive
Spouse: Adelaide von Audrick (m. 58 SA)
House: Von Audrick
Father: Jakob Bishop
Mother: Alexandra Bishop
Children: 7

Ludwig von Audrick, born Ludwig Bishop, is a Haeseni-born Sedanian politician and former Vice Chancellor of Sedan. He is also the progenitor of House von Audrick, which he founded after a political fallout with the House of Bishop, which was his birth family. Before, during, and after his tenure as Vice Chancellor, Ludwig partook in the War of the Wigs which the Principality of Sedan found itself heavily involved in. This time period is when his most notable achievements took place, as he helped Leopold I, Prince of Sedan govern over the capital city of Haverlock until its capture and destruction following the Siege of Haverlock.

Early Life

Ludwig was born in the city of Karosgrad to Jakob and Alexandra Bishop as his parent's third child. He was also born with a slightly younger twin brother named Franz, who Ludwig grew to be close with in their childhood. His Father was a veteran of the Sedan Rebellion and one of the many refugees who had fled to the Kingdom of Haense following the fall of the Principality which made Ludwig half-Sedanian by birth. As he grew up, Ludwig would often enjoy playing with toy swords and soldiers; something his twin brother Franz disliked as Ludwig often tried to get him to partake. Despite their opposite personalities, Franz and Ludwig formed a strong bond as children. They would often pull pranks on their older siblings and parents by swapping cloths and pulling other twin-like pranks.

Teenage years

As Ludwig matured, he began researching his family's history. By the time he was 15, he had almost completely memorized the names of the Sedanian and Orenian commanders during the rebellion as well as covertly visiting sites of the battles; In which his Mother often chastised him for entering Orenian territory. On the other hand, Ludwig's Father encouraged his learning of Sedan's history and used it as a platform to increase Ludwig's patriotism towards Sedan despite being born and raised in Haense.

Early Adulthood

When Ludwig entered adulthood, his Parents passed away of unknown and sudden causes which struck the young man with grief. To cope with the loss, Ludwig would spend time exploring the countryside on Horseback, and even began visiting the new Sedanian capital of Louisville. It is there that he met Leopold I, Prince of Sedan and following the encounter he was utterly convinced to join the Principality to reestablish his family's ties to the Principality. He attempted to convince his family members to move to Sedan with him which angered the Bishop patriarch and Ludwig's cousin, Ser Erwin Bishop. Ludwig and Erwin disagreed over moving the family back to Sedan, and so the former departed Karosgrad alone. While Ludwig's twin Franz had initially expressed interest in joining him, Franz was pressured into remaining by their older brother. By moving to Sedan, Ludwig had essentially become the Black Sheep of the Bishop family and lived alone in Louisville for many years.