Lord Knox

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Lord Knox
Patron: Tayl
Purpose: Destruction
Note: Event Character which falls under the jurisdiction of the LT.

Lord Knox is a patron to Tayl, one of the first patrons and continues to live on to this day - spanning many centuries and lifetimes.

While there was an infamous murderer who also went by the name Knox whilst wearing a pumpkin atop his head, the relationship between the two is unknown.


Lord Knox is a creature of evil being - he seeks to create a mass of pure destruction within the world and bring it to its knees. The goal is to create an ultimate war, pure anger and descend the world into anarchy. Often, this is achieved by manipulation, trickery and deceit. Two sides can be paired against each other through these methods to create a small conflict which can often lead to bigger and greater means. He seeks not company - but others to achieve these aims for him.

Physical Description

Lord Knox will often be seen wearing a pumpkin atop his head, as is such the infamous signature. However he can also be seen without the pumpkin on - mostly when within close acquaintances. The actual being of Lord Knox is not man, nor spirit - he can be thought of as a mind set. Knox will choose a potential suitor, a potential body. However this ‘suitor’ must be willing to accept Lord Knox upon himself. Lord Knox will take hold of the body. Lord Knox will become the body. The once soul bound to the frame will become buried so deep it will be forgotten. Standing in front of you would be Lord Knox.

Sometimes Lord Knox’s body will become incapable of filling out Knox’s duties, he will then seek a new being to live on with. Usually this happens due to age; however other circumstances can become apparent.


Lord Knox is an unusual being. His powers allow him to tap into the mundane world and fill it with his desire. Possessing the ability to pass people into a sleep-driven state, he is able to trick the mind to produce anything of his will. He will often confuse beings into thinking that these illusions are real - leading the effects of the illusion to become mentally temporary as well. The illusions are often so life-like that the subject would pass them off as absolute anyways.

Lord Knox also possess the ability to to transform into a cloud of smoke - this allows him to travel far and wide to carry out his aims, and also prevents his body from becoming damaged when coming into tight situations.


Although yes, Lord Knox’s aim is the destruction of the mundane world - Tayl has placed some restrictions upon Lord Knox to make sure that Tayl’s aim is carried out.

  • Lord Knox is unable to kill another being. He would experience great pain if this were to happen by his hand.
  • Lord Knox is never able to deviate from the path of destruction - his mind will always be set upon the torn world.
  • Lord Knox has the insatiable desire to wear suits.