List of Haeseni Lord Treasurers

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The Royal Treasurer of Haense (New Marian: Aranyiaz), officially known as the Royal Treasurers and Lord Bursars of the Crown, is the ranking member who holds the authority over upholding the Kingdom’s economic affairs, second only to the King. The title was formed under the reign of Andrew III in 1728, and many notable figures in the Kingdom's history have served as Treasurer (such as in the case of Richard Steinkachel and Sir Edvard Amador. The holder of the title is chosen directly by the King, and serves until death, resignation, or removal from the office.

List of Royal Treasurers

Portrait Birth Death Coat of Arms King(s)
Richard Steinkachel
1728 - 1746
(18 years)
Richardsteinkachel.jpg 9th of the Deep Cold, 1675
Markev, Haense
Unknown Ignoble Andrew III (d. 1746)
Hana Kovachev
1750 - 1758
(8 years)
0b0c309c8a52f847ac36c13903720cc3.png 4th of the Sun's Smile, 1733
Kovachgrad, Haense
11th of the Deep Cold, 1762
New Reza, Haense
aged 29
KovacCoat.png Andrew IV (d. 1754)
Rennard Amador
1758 - 1776
(18 years)
3b3901902095841ab77eebfe14f86564.png 9th of the Grand Harvest, 1734
Reza, Haense
Alive HouseAmador.png Sigismund II (d. 1776)
Edvard Amador
1776 - 1807
(31 years)
Edvard1.png 6th of the Grand Harvest, 1732
Reza, Haense
9th of the Amber Cold, 1807
Karosgrad, Haense
aged 75
HouseAmador.png Josef I (d. 1805)
Heinrik II
Brandt Barclay
1807 - 1815
(8 years)
BrandtBarclay.png 17th of Malin's Welcome, 1755
Freising, Haense
10th of the Sun's Smile, 1815
Reinmar, Haense
aged 60
Position vacant from 1815-1819 under Heinrik II
Erich Barclay, Duke of Reinmar
1819 - 1829
(10 years)
Erich Barclay.jpg Unknown Alive BarclayCOA.png Heinrik II
Position vacant from 1829-1831 under Heinrik II
Otto Morovar
1831 - Present
Otto Barbanov-Morovar.png 8th of Malin's Welcome, 1808
Nikirala Palace, Haense
Alive biharcoa.png Heinrik II