List of Haeseni Knight Paramounts

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The Knight Paramount of Haense (New Marian: Kossarowain), officially known as the Knight Paramount and Knight Commander of the Crown, is the commanding member of the Kingdom of Haense's knightly orders, second only to the King. The title was formed during the reign of King Robert I of Hanseti and Ruska in 236 E.S. following the establishment of the Knights of Bihar. Many notable figures in the Kingdom's history have served as Knight Paramount (such as in the case of Ser Varon Kovachev, Ser Dominic Grimm, or Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich). The holder of the title is chosen directly by the King, and serves until death, resignation, or removal from the office.

List of Knight Paramounts

Portrait Birth Death Coat of Arms King(s)
Ser Varon Kovachev, Duke of Carnatia
'The Fierce'
1696 - 1706
(10 years)
VaronKovachev.png 1st of The Amber Cold, 1675
Carnatia, Haense
Unknown KovacCoat.png Robert I (d. 1707)
Marius II (d. 1719)
Ser Rodrik Kortrevich
'The Loyal' , 'The Turncoat'
1706 - 1714
(8 years)
65fd7657117c17b10343b7e565c592e1.png 6th of The First Seed, 1685
Markev, Haense
3rd of Snow's Maiden, 1750
Fort Korstadt, Haense
aged 65
Kortrevich COA.png
Ser Dominic Grimm, Baron of Lizat
'The Stalwart'
1714 - 1715
(1 year)
DominicGrimm.png 21st of Malin's Welcome, 1656
Markev, Haense
14th of The Deep Cold, 1715
Kaer Glythen, Aeldin
aged 59
Ser Nikolaus Kortrevich
'The Strong'
1715 - 1750
(35 years)
NikolausKortrevich.png 8th of The Amber Cold, 1680
Markev, Haense
3rd of Snow's Maiden, 1750
Fort Korstadt, Haense
aged 70
Kortrevich COA.png
Andrew III (d. 1746)
Andrew IV (d. 1754)
Ser Tiberius Barrow
'The Tide Breaker'
(4 years)
Tiberius6.png 2nd of Sun's Smile, 1719
Reza, Haense
19th of Sun's Smile, 1754
New Reza, Haense
aged 35
Sigismund II (d. 1776)
Ser Markus Kortrevich, Margrave of Korstadt
'The Bull'
1754 - 1756
(2 years)
Markus.png 17th of The Amber Cold, 1719
Reza, Haense
15th of The First Seed, 1794
Korstadt, Haense
aged 75
Kortrevich COA.png
Ser Jonathan Frostfire
'The Tower'
(6 years)
25D0259F25D025BE25D1258025D1258225D1258025D025B525D125822B25D025B025D025B425D025BC25D025B825D1258025.png 13th of The First Seed, 1705
Reza, Haense
19th of The First Seed, 1762
New Reza, Haense
aged 57
Ser Robin Katyr
'The Persistent'
1762 - 1770
(8 years)
RobinKatyr.jpg 14th of Snow's Maiden, 1729
Reza, Haense
2nd of The Grand Harvest, 1770
New Reza, Haense
aged 41
Position vacant from 1770 - 1788 under Sigismund II
Ser Boris Ruthern
'The Persistent'
1788 - 1808
(20 years)
BorisRuthern2.jpg 9th of Malin's Welcome, 1755
New Reza, Haense
6th of The Grand Harvest, 1807
Karosgrad, Haense
aged 52
vidaus.png Josef I (d. 1806)
Heinrik II
Ser Alric Ruthern
'The Cavalier'
1808 - 1821
(13 years)
AlricRuthern.png 16th of the Grand Harvest, 1781
Metterden, Haense
Alive vidaus.png
Ser Cedric Barclay
'The Kind'
1821 - 1831
(10 yrs)
CedricBarclay.jpg 24th of the Amber Cold, 1778
Reinmar, Haense
9th of the Deep Cold, 1831
Karosgrad, Haense
aged 53
Ser Karl Amador
'The Humble'
1831 - Present
Karl Amador.jpg 6th of Snow's Maiden, 1819
Aurveldt, Haense
Alive HouseAmador.png