Lilyana I

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Lilyana I
Trade Princess of Sutica
Reign: 1530 - 1650
Coronation: 1530
Predecessor: David Enrique
Born: Unknown
Spouse: Karyssmov Faroe
House: House Faroe

Lilyana Amant Carrington was the third ruler of the Federation of Sutica, as its Trade Princess.

Brief History

Trade Princess Lilyana was crowned when her late husband fled the town following the crazed riotings of displeased locals in 1531. She quickly commissioned the construction of a great city for the Suticans. The massive city of Sutica was constructed efficiently for the purpose of bringing in vast sums of wealth and people from across the realm, allowing the city to experience a flood of gold and knowledge from the various peoples of Vailor. Shortly into the Third Princess's reign the Caliphate, without presenting any warning to the Suticans fell under the Mercenary Company of Hallowvale and became a state in Vandoria. No longer was Sutica a vassal of the Caliphate but now a state of Vandoria. This massive increase in population and wealth earned the attention and favor of their Overlord. Sutica at this point was a state in the realm of Vandoria. Vandoria was in general quite welcoming and kind to Sutica for a long time. Following the formation of Vandergaun and the war period where Sutica faced mounting hatred from both sides of the war, pacifistic and isolationist ideals began sweeping across the people of Sutica, forcing them in the end to back out of all relations with both the Caliphate and Vanderguan.