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Capital city
A peaceful day within The Silver Bastion, 1750
Nicknames: The Jewel of The West, The Silver City, Elcihi'thilln, The Silver Bastion
Country: The Silver State of Haelun'or
Sohaer: Sulraell Visaj
Maheral: Azorella Elibar'acal
Governing body: The Silver Council, The Noble Council
Population: 20,000
Previous Capital: Fi'Halen
Language(s): High Elven Dialect, Elven, Common

The capital of the The Silver State of Haelun'or, Lareh'thilln is the current home to High Elves. It sits high atop a mountain peak in the north-western extremity of civilization, the marble statue of Larihei watchfully peering over the rest of Arcas. In common, it's name is translated as the 'Silver Mountain'. The citadel houses a majoritarily high elven population and is known for it's strict policies regarding outsiders, few have, however, managed to earn their way into the safe haven through hard work.



Upon the High Elves' arrival into Arcas, the peoples found themselves overlooking a plateau that rose above the rest of the realm and touched the skies. They deemed it perfect for their isolationist nature and considering it a safe spot to be house their expansive knowledge. Names which stood out upon building the first iterations of the then small settlement were Ardryll Morvael, Dimaethor Elervathar and Nerithil Valarieth.


The High Elven capital marks several records when it comes to it's location, being the northern extremity of civilization and the highest altitude at which civilization blooms. The city is sorrounded by the Silver Forest, a deep taiga to which the mali'thill have laid claim, to the north and west however are located the only mountains in the land of Arcas.

Notable Figures of Haelun'or

Notable Buildings

  • The Silver Citadel, home to the government and the Silver Council, where history is most often written.
  • The Eternal Library, bastion of knowledge within the land of Arcas, housing more books than any in the realm.
  • The Eternal College, place of refuge for scholars and mages and epicenter of education.