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How do I make a wiki account?

You may request the creation of a wiki account on LOTC’s main discord, at #wiki-account-request.

How do I create a page?

You may create a page by writing its name in the search box, then pressing on it. But before creating a page, I suggest giving a look to the Wiki Rules as they may guide you into making a page following our standards.

How do I delete a page?

You are not able to delete pages on your own, but may request the deletion of a page to one of the Wiki Caretakers by contacting them.

How do I add an image to my page?

First you must upload it on the wiki, which you may do by pressing on the “Upload File” on the Wiki’s Sidebar under the Tools section. Then on the page where you wish to add it, write “[[File:yourimagename.fileextension]]”.

How do I request a page to be restored?

Surprisingly, deleting a page on the wiki, does not completely delete it, it in fact just hides it. To request a page to be restored, you may contact one of the Wiki Caretakers.

I found a page with incorrect/biased information. What should I do?

If you’ve found a page with incorrect or biased information, you may either edit it by yourself if you have the knowledge to fix the wrong information, or ask someone experienced to do it, or inform one of the Wiki Caretakers about your discovery alongside with proof/arguments about the mistakes you’ve found.

How do I get credits for an art/creation of mine that’s been used on the Wiki?

We’d love to credit every single person for their work on the Wiki, which is why we are more than glad to be contacted about creators wanting credit for their work that is being used on the Wiki. You may request credit by contacting one of the Wiki Caretakers.

How do I file a report on someone?

You may file a report on someone by either contacting one of the Wiki Caretakers or Moderators of Lord of the Craft, tho it is suggested to contact one of the Wiki Caretakers.

Is there a place to communicate with the Wiki Caretakers?

Well, I am glad you asked! There indeed is a place for people to stay in touch more easily with the Wiki Caretakers. You may join the LOTC Community Involvement discord server for that.

Still got some unanswered questions? Contact one of the Wiki Caretakers!

Contact the Wiki Caretakers on Discord at: Nick#2014