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This project page was created by Equinox, if you have any concerns regarding the content of this page, you can comment on their talk page

What content is depicted here is explicitly known as Meta-Information for use of the Lord of the Craft Wikia. Meta-information is usually not required to be known to the common public, but is required that anyone diving into the technical understandings of the wikia must be ensured to know.

What is going to be explained in this is Category etiquette. What is the proper use, and how should one determine it.

What is a category?

A category to the eyes of a regular user is where one could simply look up a category page, and then find out relevant or similar information to something that found interest in. This is fine and dandy as long as the page is categorized well, and not simply shoved where it shouldn't be. This is where the page creator, page editor, or a technician comes in. Common sense is required to do proper category implementation. As a page created with the name of Ducks which is clearly about the animal should be placed under a section called Creatures and not under a section named Magic. There are exceptions to this rule, as some items of content can be sorted among several categories. An example on our wiki are the Frost Witches scrolling to the bottom of their content page we can see a dark gray box with two categories underneath it: Category:Dark Magic and Category:Races. This is determined because of what the content page portrays. It clearly tells the reader that the contents of this page has a creature, namely the Frost Witch, and then a couple of sections down; their use of magic. So a wikia editor would likely implement the page into those two categories.

What are Parent Categories?

Parent Categories are at the top of the category tree. They are no categories above them. All subcategories should fit under one of these Parent Categories when created. If you believe a new parent category needs to be created, contact the Wiki Team Management.

How do I categorize?

Categories are created on a whim by the user of an editor, and do not require too much external input to function. The usually calling card is repeatedly portrayed on every single category page made or edited by Equinox

If you make a flora page, please add Category:Flora to it. It will automagically show up here.|Category:Flora
Maybe a variation of that sort is the first thing someone might see when coming across any category. When read from the page itself it is actually:

If you make a flora page, please add [[Category:Flora]] to it. It will automagically show up here

- Automagical: (especially in relation to the operation of a computer process) automatically and in a way that seems ingenious, inexplicable, or magical

A easy way to play with categories without disturbing the wiki-ecosystem is by going to a Sandbox page, or going to your User page and then adding it to the [[Category:Cattest]] page explained in the way up above, by inputting [[Category:Cattest]] in place of [[Category:Flora]]