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The Krughai was the military of the War Uzg. Almost every member of Orcish society was involved in the supplying or serving of this fighting force. All new Orcs were asked to join on entrance to the War Nation lands.



- Appointed by the Rex.

- Two Targoths

- Can make anyone a Pug

- Commands the Army

- Only takes orders from Rex, and Goj

- Trains the Army

- Organises Tournaments

- Need a Villain Application


- Appointed by the Targoths
- There are Two Warbosses
- Focus on training the Runts
- Command Lower Ranks
- Needs a Villain Application


- Can be challenged by a Brute for their rank
- There are three Nobs
- Command Orcs into battle
- Host Arena Klomps
- Command lower ranks
- Keep lower ranks in check


The Advanced Infantry of Orc Army. These are next in line to become Nobs. They are veterans of the Krughai. When there can be no more improvement, a Marauder will stay a Berzerker, when there is an opening for Nob, they can become a Nob.


The Basic Infantry of the Orc Army. The Brutess make up the most of the Orcish Army and are extremely important for Orcs. They may seem worthless and good for nothing, although they are one of the most important roles for Orcish society.


This is the introductory rank for Orcs. Runts are the smallest and weakest of the Orcs. They obey all who issue orders to them. They are the lowest of the low… they are Runts! But all Orcs should remember that they all started as a runts themselves and help these very young Orcs to mature to their next rank as quickly as possible.


The rank for Orcs that seriously breach the laws, or don't learn from being kloomped a few times. An Orc who was made a Pug had to spend 3 days at this rank and had to be active around the Orc lands during that time. He was reduced to wearing only leather, and he wielded only stick. He could be ordered to do any task (within reason) whilst a Pug and had to complete that task as soon as possible. He could also be klomped at will by any Orc in the military and had to take it without a word (this was to show the other Orcs anger at the Pug). An Orc made a Pug that couldn't accept these conditions or failed to spend a suitable time in the War Uzg during his sentence would have his time as a Pug extended or be banished entirely from the War Uzg.

How to be made Pug:

- Breaching the Rules

- Angering superiors

- Disobeying orders

- Being dishonorable


Looting Rules

- If you are the one that kills the person, you receive their possessions.

- The Orc is entitled to the loot they get from any battles.

- You may not loot another Orc’s body if it is inside of the city.

Raiding Rules

- Warbosses and above are allowed to lead raids.

- You are to always listen to your superior.

- Do not do anything without your superior’s permission and command.

- Attempt to stay still.

Klomping Rules

- Orcs must use “Glozag Votar” before they kill anyone or begin a battle.

- Attacking an uruk’s pet is like attacking the owner.

- If anyone is intruding on our lands, you either make him pay tribute, scare him off, or kill him.

- If the intruder attempts to escape, leave them if they are out of the War Uzg’s borders or if too many Orcs are left behind.

Arena Klomping Rules

- Cheating will result in being exiled or demoted to Pug.

- The highest rank is to count down.