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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Kramoroe was a town located on the King's Road under the nation of Oren in Aegis. It was destroyed in an Undead attack. Galahar was later built on the site.


Kramoroe was home to many villagers with new homes built frequently; it was recommended newcomers to Aegis consider Kramoroe a first choice to live in, as there was no tax. However despite the simplicity and charisma of the charming town it was a hotspot for bandits and robbers. Because of the persistent thieves the town had been blessed with all kind of protection spells and a group of dedicated guards called 'The Vanguard' had set up a base of operations. Amongst the Vanguard base, Levant's shop and Brothers Inn, there were other unique features within the town. Kramoroe featured a town crypt which spawned all manner of grisly Undead when the sun set; making it an ideal place for aspiring warriors to train. Kramoroe was also home to an expert redstone engineer; who created complicated circuits for a fee.

Kramoroe also had an church at the side of the desert and was part of the Reformed Church, which was one of the biggest churches of Aegis. There was place for around 50 people. The Missionary Army, a part of the Reformed Church was also located here.


Kramoroe began when a group of traveling merchants came through the area and made a small camp where they sold items to travelers going to Oren. They camped there for a few weeks and in that time they discovered that the road they camped near was a good place to set up an inn. In the following days they began to build a small inn.

They soon had to leave since their home land was being invaded by Orcs. But they left one of their people, Sen, there to look after the inn. Eventually he lost contact with his fellow merchants. He started to give out free food and tools to travelers as he thought that he would soon leave.

A few days before he was going to leave, he met a Human by the name of Malco. He was grievously ill so Sen helped him recover at the inn. When Malco had healed he decided to stay with Sen and help him with the inn. Sen was grateful for this, so Sen decided that he would stay and start to expand the inn. A week later a Dwarf by the name of Yorck came to the inn and stayed for a few days. Yorck soon learned that Sen and Malco needed help with the inn, so stayed and began to help out. Within a few months he became a part of the inn.

The inn grew a third time, and for a few months the inn thrived well. Until one morning Yorck tuned on Sen and Malco. He chased them out of the inn, and he and his brother ripped the inn down. Malco and Sen went to the rangers and told them what had happened so the rangers tracked them down and killed them. However the inn was gone so Sen and Malco parted ways.

Malco was not happy with the outcome of the inn, so he left the house he owned and went back to the place where the inn had stood and began to rebuild. It took many months but eventually he had rebuilt the inn. He then he sent a message to his old friend Sen telling him to come and meet him at the inn. When Sen arrived he was so overjoyed with what had been done, he came back to the inn and reopened it with Malco.

Sometime later a Human by the name of Levant came by the inn. He proposed that he open a shop next door; Sen and Malco aloud him to do so. And after he had built his shop another man came by and asked if he could build a home. Again they said yes, so the town stated to grow.

Many years later the town was christened Kramoroe and the High Prince Native of Laurelin came to the town and told Malco (who was now mayor of the town), that he would protect the town with his men if they became a town of Malinor. Malco agreed to this deal and the town of Kramoroe was made a safe haven for travelers on the road to Oren.

After an Undead attack it was left in ruin until rebuilt as Galahar, under the jurisdiction of Oren. Some of the survivors of the destruction created the Nawari Gypsies to continue the mercantile tradition of Kramoroe.