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The Knockout plugin offers improved visual effects over standard Minecraft pvp and giving the victor more options. The fate of your victim is placed in your hands; you can end it, or grant them a second chance.



Knockout - once you are killed, you can no longer perform any actions, but you can type out commands, speak, etc. People around you will see your character lying on the ground.

Revive - You are given a choice to revive your opponent or kill them. Left Click them to deal the decisive blow, or Right Click them to spare them, the choice is yours.

Bleeding Out - when someone is knocked out, it is only a matter of time until they bleed out and their souls finally depart to be revived by the monks. If you are not saved soon enough, you will end up dying from blood loss.


/revive [player] – With this command, you may approach a knocked out player, and revive them. Keep in mind that this takes time; it may not be a wise decision to carry out in the middle of combat. You may want to consider battle-medics in your armies dedicated to this task.

Tips & Tricks

Tip  The revive command only works within a certain radius from the downed player. You can not restore a player that is not within 25 blocks or so of you.
  • There is a percentage chance that the head of the player will be dropped upon death.