Klaudia of Vasiland

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Klaudia of Vasiland
Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska
Tenure: 1708-1719
Predecessor: Elizaveta of Vidaus
Sucessor: Milena of Adria
Duchess-Consort of Adria
Tenure: 1708-1719
Predecessor: Emigliana Sofia of Napoliza
Sucessor: Mariya Angelika of Reza
Born: 1683, Markev, Haense
Death: 1740, New Reza, Haense
Spouse: Marius II of Haense
House: Vanir
Father: Francis, Margrave of Vasiland
Mother: Erika Lilaine Baruch

Klaudia Erika Franzievna (Common: Claudia Erica), known regally as Klaudia of Vasiland and monikered the Shrewd, was a Queen-Consort of Hanseti-Ruska upon her marriage to Marius II of Haense as his second wife. She was involved within internal affairs and the ongoings of Reza, especially through the straining years of the War of Two Emperors. After her husband's assassination in 1719, she became the Queen Mother but the toils of war had greatly taken affect on the royal. She died of an illness at the age of fifty-five.

Early Life

Modesty defined and outlined the very childhood of Klaudiya, as the daughter of the Margrave of Vasiland and her scheduled educational routine of governesses and tutors. There were little to no intentions or plans for her future, or a match in suitors. She did not partake in the traditional procedures assumed by her fellow nobility, endeavoring to assist in the city municipal steward. Her life changed drastically as she became the recommended match for Marus II with his wife’s sudden death and the controversy surrounding her parentage posthumously, and the sudden death of his only son and heir, Prince Petyr-Andrik.

Queen Consort of Hanseti-Ruska

Klaudiya was married in the Basilica of Fifty Virgins in 261, and therefore ascended the position of consort. In the same year, she became the Duchess consort of Adria with the abdication of Duke Paul II and the nomination of Marus through the duma. From the day of the wedding and onward, Marus kept a cold and distant relationship with Klaudiya and attended her as few of times he could. Alongside her husband, her step-children, the princesses Mariya and Sofiya, both treated her with open hatred and detestation in spite of her attempts to treat the children kindly.

Seven years into her reign, in 268, the War of Two Emperors erupted from the rising and undeniable tensions. While her husband remained busied with war and often away as a result, Klaudiya focused on the internal affairs of the kingdom and excelled in stewardry and city administration. Her solemnity did not gain her favor, but she was known for her exemplary organizational and management skills. Her eleven-year reign as consort came to a sudden conclusion with the death of her husband in the Prikaz, assassinated by Hektor Barrow. Her young son, Andrik III, rose to the position of king and she withdrew herself further from public view. The toils of war took a great toll on her health, especially as the kingdom neared defeat and their allies signed treaties with the opposing side.

Queen Mother of Hanseti-Ruska

Little was seen of or from the Queen-Mother outside of palace life and the lives of her royal children. She opposed the change in marriage for her son from Katherina of Carnatia to Milena of Adria, claiming that the prospective successor was consumed by her own ambition and entitlement though resigned that, ultimately, it was her son’s choice to which she showed strained respect for. The Queen-Mother, nevertheless beloved by her children and further sires, perished from the toils of a fever at the age of fifty-five after enduring the beginnings of another conflict, the Rubern War.


Name Birth Death Marriage
King Andrew III 8th The Amber Cold, 1710 1746 Milena of Adria Firstborn son to Marius II and Klaudia of Vasiland. Successor of Marius II.
Prince Matyas Arik, Duke of Alban 1st of Snow's Maiden, 1713 1751 Sylvia of Venerra Secondborn son to Marius II and Klaudia of Vasiland. Duke of Alban.
Prince Aleksandr Marius, Duke of Akovia 20th of Snow's Maiden, 1717 1764 Eleanor of Suffonia Thirdborn son to Marius II and Klaudia of Vasiland.
Princess Adryana Eleanor of Haense 20th of Snow's Maiden, 1717 Alive August Barrow Firstborn daughter to Marius II and Klaudia of Vasiland. Also Thirdborn to Marius II, and twin to Aleksandr.