Kazimar I, Count of Otistadt

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Kazimar Hieromar Ludovar
An artists depiction of Count Kazimar.
Count of Otistadt
Tenure: 0 SA - 29 SA
Predecessor: Frederick I, Count of Otistadt
Successor: --
Viscount of Seswesk
Tenure: 29 SA - 38 SA
Predecessor: Title Created
Successor: Robert I, Baron of Otistadt
Baron of Otistadt
Tenure: 29 SA - 29 SA
Predecessor: Title Re-Created
Successor: Robert I, Baron of Otistadt
Born: 13th of The Grand Harvest, 1774, Ludovar Keep, Johnstown, Haense
Death: --
Spouse: Anastasya of Valles (m. SA 6)
Father: Frederick I, Count of Otistadt
Mother: Emila of Reinmar
Issue: 5 Children
Ethnicity: Highlander
House: KazimarCOA.png Ludovar
Country: BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Haense

Kazimar Hieromar Ludovar, was the former Count of Otistadt, following the abdication of his father. He is the first born son of Fredrick I, and Emila of Reinmar. Kazimar inherited his title at the young age of twenty two in the year Zero of the Second Age, almost immediately after arriving in Almaris with his family. The young Lord started back up his families company, the Ludovar Company, and worked hard throughout his thirty-eight year reign, alongside his beloved family members.

Early Life

Kazimar Hieromar Ludovar was born in the year 1774 to Fredrick I and Emila of Reinmar. He was born and raised in Johnstown, the town given to his father by the Emperor Peter III. Kazimar has a wonderful childhood full of playing, laughing, and having fun. During his early years, his favourite game was hide and seek. Countless days were spent playing this game with almost anyone he could find to play it with him. Due to being born in the town and was around while it was being renovated, he learned almost every hidden nook and cranny in the town. Kazimar prided himself in knowing all these hidden areas.


Kazimar is an energetic person who is always looking for fun. He loves playing games, especially strategy games. Many days have been spent playing one of his favourite games, Haeseni Chess. Kazimar is kind to others yet he can be mischievous when he believes nobody is looking or when he feels it is necessary. He looks up to his Father, and tries to act in ways that will make his Father happy. The boy wishes that he could become a man one day whose accomplished a lot that his Father can be proud of.


Count of Otistadt (WIP)

Kazimar inherited the title Count of Otistadt after his father Fredrick I abdicated in the year Zero of the Second Age shortly after arriving in Almaris. The young Lord started his reign by re-establishing the families company, and selling a variety of different products with moderate success. Upon receiving land from his Majesty King Josef I, he worked hard on the planning and construction of his keep, and other buildings on his plot. After many years of hard work, the keep Kazstadt was constructed in the Northern lands of the Kingdom.

Viscount of Seswesk (WIP)

Barony of Otistadt (WIP)

Full Title

His Lordship, Kazimar Hieromar Ludovar, Count of Otistadt, Viscount of Seswesk, Baron of Otistadt, Lord of Kazstadt.


Kazimar is a proud member of House Ludovar. He is the first born son of Count Fredrick I and Emila of Reinmar. His siblings are: Petrysa, Stanimar, Jakob, Sofiya, and Kathryn. He's married to Anastasya of Valles with whom he had five children with: Robert, Sigmar, Fredrick, Juliya, and Aleksey.

Kazimar's Coat of Arms


Name Birth Death Marriage
Robert Aleksandr Ludovar 13th of the Grand Harvest, 1803 Alive Adele Barclay Firstborn son of Kazimar I, Baron of Otistadt
Sigmar Otto Ludovar 13th of the Grand Harvest, 1803 Alive Unwed Secondborn son of Kazimar I.
Fredrick Isaak Ludovar 12th of Snow's Maiden, 1804 Alive Unwed Thirdborn son of Kazimar I.
Juliya Tatiana Ludovar 12th of Snow's Maiden, 1804 Alive Unwed Firstborn and only daughter of Kazimar I. Tends to get sick often.
Aleksey Luka Ludovar 12th of Snow's Maiden, 1804 Alive Unwed Fourthborn son of Kazimar I. Highly adventurous and ambitious.