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Kanakawa Horse
Area: Mountainous Regions
Diet:: Carnivorous
Size: five and a half feet
Hostility: Medium
Tameable?: Tameable
Players can tame this creature as a pet on the server.

The Kanakawa Horse is a heavy horse or draught, the breed developed for the Ishikawa Clan’s purposes. Their outline is marked by a thick, heavily crested neck bearing a far arch, and short, stocky bodies. They should always stand square, their legs slender and uniform with lightly feathered feet. The breed features two very striking features; Their stiff, upright manes, and the oddly striped markings that appear across their coats. These stripes vary in placement and shape, but always stand out sharply. The prefered colour is black stripes on white or bright chestnut coats. Bred for war, these animals are truly massive, standing at an impressive 17.5 hands-on average (About five and a half feet at the shoulder). With a broad, deep chest and massive head, they are wonderful chargers; however, because of their immense girth, they take a bit of time to get up to speed. Their short, somewhat slip legs bring a look of elegance, but also a touch of risk. Because their legs are smaller than average confirmation would allow, they are prone to be born with defects. Many a yearling will snap their bones springing around in play, and all too often a careless rider will force one of these horses to run too quick over uneven ground, causing them to trip and break. Their hooves are prone to cracking, and need regular farrier care and must be periodically oiled to keep them healthy.


Only the most intelligent of these horses are allowed to breed, resulting in a very bright, but also incredibly stubborn animal. Because of how smart they are, whoever owns them must keep them always entertained, less bad habits form. A bored Kanakawa is a violent Kanakawa, prone to biting and kicking out at whoever draws near.

A trait that has cropped up frequently in the breed is a penchant for being possessive. These horses will often choose a ‘favourite’ among the people around them, jealously attacking those that draw near. Many war breeders capitalize upon this trait and train them to reject all but a single few. However sometimes the horse will not choose a human, but another horse or animal, even an object. One case was that of a mare named Tochrais, who obsessed over her foal blanket to the point she would kick apart her stall should it fall outside her window.