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LoreS1.png Note: This page contains information on a location from a past map that is no longer inhabited.

Kal'Akash was the capital of the Dwarves in Vailor. The city was located north of the western snow mountains of Vailor. It was founded in the year 1513.


Kal'Akash was settled inside of a snow capped mountain. A small mountain path is used to gain entrance to the city. Aside from the main gate, the only other exit would be the small river canal running through the middle of the city and out the side of the mountain.


The city of Kal'Akash was settled by the Dwarves of Athera in the year 1513. The Grand King Balek Irongut and his loyal builders constructed the city from a large empty cave in a cave with promise. Many other guilds and organizations followed the Grand Kingdom of Urguan into settling the land around Kal'Akash. An ancient runic golem was found to the south of the city with knowledge of the past dating back to Asulon. A giant named Armin was soon discovered to be living on top of the mountain Kal'Akash is settled under, becoming a quick ally to the dwarves after a duel with the Grand Marshall Jorik Grandaxe. The dwarves and the giant made an agreement to aid each other in times of need, whether it be the city needing defending or the giant requesting help.

During the year 1515, the city was attacked numerous times by an unknown bandit group with unknown motives. All that is known about them is their exceptional battle prowess, being able to defeat an unprepared legion of about twenty foot soldiers with seven good men. A joint military practice was held with the Orcs of the Iron Uzg to correct problems found in the legion and increase morality within dwarven ranks shortly after the raids.

Two years later, 1517, Grand King Balek Irongut had been lost in a sea expedition to slay the Devourer. The Sundur Clan had kidnapped the current Grand Marshal at the time, Jorik Grandaxe. The nation was in chaos, and a new election for Grand King was taking place. The three main contenders were Skippy Irongut, Verthaik Frostbeard, and Lathros "Oilbeard" Irongrinder. After three days of tough campaigning, Skippy Irongut emerged as the Grand King of Urguan. Upset at the thought as Skippy as the Grand King, Verthaik Frostbeard along with the holds of Tal'Azwyr and Kal'Krest went against the Grand Kingdom in open rebellion.

The rebellion was named the Mountain Monarchy, led by Verthaik and many other Frostbeards and Blackfists. The rebellion took part in many raids on the dwarven capital of Kal'Akash, but ultimately after a few stone weeks of fighting the rebellion was destroyed by the Legion in 1520.


The government of the dwarves was officially known as the Senate of Hammers. Comprised of the Grand King and multiple senators representing multiple clans, the objective of this government was to approve and deny laws based on the general dwarven population's opinions. The Senate of Hammer members can be found here.

The laws of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan are listed in the Articles of Urguan. The Articles of Urguan can be found [1].

The Legion

The Dwarven military was officially known as The Legion of Urguan. The Legion was an army of both success and defeat dating back to the times of Aegis. The last Grand Marshall of The Legion in Kal'Akash was Belegar Ireheart. The Legion of Urguan can be found here.

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