Julia of Furnestock

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Julia of Furnestock
Holy Orenian Empress
Tenure: 1568 - 1585
Predecessor: Arielle of Leone
Successor: Adeline of Savoy
Born: 1544
Felsen, Crownlands, Holy Orenian Empire
Died: 1631 (aged: 87)
Pruvia, Mardon
Spouse: John III, Holy Orenian Emperor
House: Horen
Father: High Pontiff Daniel III
Mother: Helaine Sarkozic

Julia Adelheid Horen, (1544 - 1631), commonly known as Julia of Furnestock, was Empress-Consort of the Holy Orenian Empire, as wife to John III, Holy Orenian Emperor. A first cousin to the Emperor, their marriage was deemed controversial due to their close relation, though the union provided the Empire with a strong leading couple. Empress Julia saw three of her sons become Emperors and her daughter become a Queen as Empress-Mother, eventually residing with the family of Princess Anna Sophia of Pruvia after the destruction of Johannesburg and loss of most of her children.