Josef Eimar, Red Prince of Muldav

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Josef Eimar
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Grand Prince
Born: 13th of the Sun's Smile, 1683
Krepost, Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
Died: 5th of the Amber Cold, 1721
Reza, Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska
Spouse: Aleksandra of Vidaus
House: Alimar
Father: Edward, Magrave of Chanik
Mother: Irena Colborn

Josef Eimar Barbanov-Alimar (Born 1683) was one of the dual founders of the House of Alimar, alongside his wife, Aleksandra Sophia. Raised in a modest cottage within the Haeseni woods, he had a rather unremarkable childhood that he adored nonetheless—becoming a masterful hunter by the time he was fifteen. Josef ascended to the status of Red Prince upon being vassalized by his cousin, King Robert.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Kazimar Barbanov-Alimar 1704 Alive Sofiya of Haense Firstborn son to Josef and Aleksandra. Twin brother to Amelia Alimar. Successor.
Amelia Barbanov-Alimar 1704 Alive Unwed Firstborn daughter to Josef and Aleksandra. Twin sister to Kazimar.
Anastasya Barbanov-Alimar 1708 Alive Unwed Secondborn daughter to Josef and Aleksandra.
Richard I of Rubern 1707 Alive Ester of Avalain Secondborn son to Josef and Aleksandra. Prince of Rubern.
Robert Barbanov-Alimar 1719 Alive Emilie of Poiteaux Thirdborn son to Josef and Aleksandra.