John VI, Holy Orenian Emperor

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John VI Maximillian
Holy Orenian Emperor
Reign: 1636 - 1638
Coronation: 5th of The Deep Cold, 1636, Saint Owyn's Palace, Adelburg, Oren
Predecessor: Peter II
Successor: Title dissolved
Aurelius I (As King of Renatus)
Frederick I (As King of Marna)
Joseph I (restoration via the War of Two Emperors).
Archchancellors: Ser Theodore Grey, Frederick of Marna
Born: 17th of Malin's Welcome, 1625 Saint Owyn's Palace, Adelburg, Oren
Death: 14th of Snow's Maiden, 1638 Saint Owyn's Palace, Adelburg, Oren
Spouse: Unwed
House: Horen
Father: Peter II
Mother: Elizabeth of Alba

John Maximillian, also known as John VI (High Imperial: Johannes Maximilianus; Savoyard: Johann Maximilien; Hansetian: Jan Maximilian) is the successor of Peter II. He was the third Horen ruler of the sixth Empire, taking the throne at the tender age of eleven due to his father's abdication. He lost the throne a mere two years later during the Coup of Adelburg which was lead by Aurelius I Horen, Arpad Ivanovich and Leitseig Romstun, with the assistance of the Reiters. During the coup John was slain in a bloody exchange that took place in the throne room, the result being John's head being severed from his body and the rest of the Imperial retinue within the throne room shared similar fates.