John I, Grand Duke of Balian

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John Casimir I
Grand Duke of Balian
Reign: 1869, The Grand Harvest - Present
Coronation: 5th of the First Seed, 1871
Predecessors: Title Created
Successor: Incumbent
Born: 15th of Horen's Calling, 1817, Augustine Palace, Providence
Spouse: Gwyneth of Atrus
House: Novellen
Father: Prince Philip, Duke of Adria
Mother: Amadea of Pompourelia
Issue: 4
Allegiance: BalianCOA.png The Grand Dutchy of Balian
Years of service: 1868 - Current
Rank: Grand Duke


John Casimir Novellen, regally known as John Casimir I (1817 - Present), is the founder and first Grand Duke of the Grand Duchy of Balian and the secondborn son of Prince Philip, Duke of Adria. As a result of his birth, he was in line for the Orenian Throne but was never expected to rule in his own right. He served against Urguan in the War of the Wigs and fought for Peter IV, Holy Orenian Emperor during the Brothers' War. After Peter's defeat and death, John Casimir rallied the remaining Imperialist forces with their families and fled to the southern landmass of Almaris. There, they founded a newly independent nation which he dubbed the Grand Duchy of Balian. Since coming to power within the Grand Duchy of Balian, John I has been able to make great strides with the help of his appointed Chamber and Children.

Early Life

The early life of John was rather unremarkable, having been the secondborn son of Prince Philip, Duke of Adria, he was not the heir to the empire and was never expected to rule. Growing up with the finest education possible due to his royal birth, John would be educated in various subjects, including but not limited to; Military Command, Politics, Economics, Diplomacy, Court Etiquette, and City Management.

Military Career

John's military career has been rather eccentric, having served in three different wars, serving as a commander for two of them. During the War of the Wigs John served beside his brother, Philip III. During the war, John fought in the Battle of Lower Petra and Siege of Haerlock, both of which were major victories for the empire. After the death of his brother, Philip III the empire dissolved into the chaos of the Brothers' War, in which he served as a commander alongside his nephew Peter IV, the war ended in defeat. The third war John served in was the war of the ruffians, in which he would not serve as a commander but the commander, leading his troops to multiple victories over the ruffians.


The early reign of John was quite the struggle, forced to lead the remaining imperialist factions after the death of his nephew, Peter IV, Holy Orenian Emperor. Deciding to move south, John would lead his faction across the sea. Following the star of saint Lothar eventually, John would reach the chosen destination, placing his sword upon the rock he declared the founding of Balian with their patron saint, St. Lothar. After the founding of Balian John would grant the families that aided him Baronies and form his Ducal Chamber with trusted advisors in order to serve his duchy better.

Titles, Styles and Honors

Titles and Styles

  • 1817 - Present: His Imperial Highness, Prince John Casimir of Renzfeld
  • 1868 - Present: His Imperial Highness, John I, Grand Duke of Balian




Name Birth Death Marriage
Alexandros Casimir Novellen 1861 Alive Unwed Firstborn Son of John Casimir. Heir Apparent to the Grand Duchy of Balian
Constantia Irene Novellen 1861 Alive Unwed Firstborn Daughter of John Casimir.
Augustina Therosia Novellen 1863 Alive Unwed Secondborn Daughter of John Casimir.
Constantine Antonius Novellen 1865 Alive Unwed Secondborn son of John Casimir.