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Jarad of Helious
Sir Jarad Munnel.png
Prince of Helious
Tenure: 1870-Present
Predecessor: Title Created
Heir: Ember Munnel
Race: Sun Elf
Born: 1819
Spouse: Sorise Munnel
House: MunnelCOA.png Munnel
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Military Service
Allegiance: OrenianFlag.png Holy Orenian Empire
Years of service: 1846 - 1867
Rank: Captain
  • Oren v Urguan War
    • Battle of Ephesius (1849)
    • Battle of Jarad's Tavern (1850)
    • Battle of New Providence Bridge(1851)
    • Battle of Cape Whitcombe(1852)
    • Battle in New Providence(1855)
    • Siege of Southbridge(1855)
    • Second Battle of Stone Tower(1857)
    • Sacking of Stone Tower(1858)
    • Battle of Karosgrad(1858)
    • Battle of Lower Petra(1859)
    • Battle of Haverlock Fields(1860)
    • Siege of Haverlock(1861)
    • Philip III's Folly(1866)
Allegiance: BalianCOA.png The Grand Duchy of Balian
Years of service: 1868 - 1883
Rank: High Command
  • War of the Ruffians
    • Siege of Monterosa Courtyard (1872)
    • Battle of the Bastion (1872)
    • Battle of the Raenr Canal (1872)
    • The Wall Skirmish (1873)
    • Battle of the Mural (1873)
    • Battle of Atrus (1875)
Allegiance: Golden Fox.png The Order of the Golden Fox
Years of service: 1886 - Present
Rank: Alpha


Upon his arrival to Almaris Jarad ventured around for a while before landing in the Holy Orenian Empire. Upon arriving he meet multiple people who would impact his life including George Maximillian, Vladrick Ruthern, Duncan Vuiller, and Sorise, his future wife. Through hard work and dedication, Jarad earned himself multiple positions in the government Including Head Clerk, Second Brigade Captain, and Head Solicitor. Following the events of the Aster Revolution, Philip III would knight Jarad making him the first knight of Philip III. This only motivated Jarad even more, delving into his work and improving the state of both New Providence and Oren as a whole. Jarad and Sorise had five kids, Ember Munnel Heir of Munnel, Rose Munnel, Caleb Munneel, Annora, and Felix Munnel, they also Adopted Hera Munnel. Having Been warded into the Vuillers before getting his peerage and splitting off. Jarad Munnel considers all members of House Vuiller as Close Family with Rev Vuiller, Duncan Vuiller, Ravn Vuiller, and Diana Vuiller being his siblings. Following the Oren v Urguan War in which he played a key part, Sir Jarad Munnel would be named the Baron of Brighthill. Upon the sudden death of the Emperor and Empress, the Brothers' War was sparked and took off. Overcome by Greif Jarad declared Neutrality and work to keep the city of New Providence alive. Upon the War's Conclusion, Jarad and his Family Would be shunned for staying neutral sparking them to move out of Oren. Due to this, the entire family would move to Balian where Jarad would be named the Baron of Abretta and Legate of the Grand Duchy of Balian. Since then, Jarad has worked hard in order to repay the trust that John I has put into him, and attempted to improve the state however he can. However how the years the family became more disgruntled and upset with the grand duchy as promises were made but never kept and the Legate that replaced Jarad plunged the state into a place of war. Due to all this, the family would pack up and move once more, Jarad Abdacating prior to their move, however, upset by this the Vuillers disowned Jarad breaking all Munnel-Vuiller ties. Not to be disheartened by this Jarad would move on doing what is best for his family.

Early Life

The Early life of Jarad is unknown to the public, the only person who knows would be Jarad himself, however, he rarely if ever divulges information about his past prior to landing on Almaris. One of the only things being known is that Jarad Left home around 20 after his father died under suspicious circumstances.

Military Career

The Military Career of Jarad Munnel started when he was enlisted into the Imperial State Army by George Maximillian and Vladrick Ruthern. Within a matter of years, he became a lieutenant within the Imperial State Army. After the course of 12 years Jarad Munnel Became the 9th and Last Capitan of the Second Brigade in the Imperial State Army. He would take part of many battles during the Oren v Urguan War. [1]

After moving to Balian Jarad was granted a position of High-Command within the Brotherhood of Balian. During this time he has helped fight in and command for the War of the Ruffians. During which he ended up killing 27 enemy troops in a single battle.


The Regin of Jarad Munnel has been a prosperous one for the Munnel family. The family as a whole being expanded, and, having a large impact on both The Holy Orenian Empire and the Grand Duchy of Balian. During the time of Jarad's Reign the family has gained a total of 10 titles raging from Lord to Princely titles. The Principality of Helious was also created under the shared guidance of Jarad and Sorise Munnel In addition a reinsurance of the Mali'solari was lead by Jarad.

Titles, Styles and Honors

Current Titles & Styles

  • 1855 - Present: Sir. Jarad Munnel, First Knight of Philip the III
  • 1882 - Present: His Lordship, Jarad Munnel, Lord of Sen’nyor
  • 1865 - Present: His Lordship, Jarad Munnel, Achyae, Floyya & Sievis
  • 1872 - Present: The Honorable, Jarad Munnel, Viscount of Oblen
  • 1875 - Present: The Right Honorable, Jarad Munnel, Count of Yagrasylvvy & Voclia
  • 1884 - Present: The Most Honorable, Jarad Munnel, Margrave of Vali’mae
  • 1866 - Present: His Grace, Jarad Munnel, Duke of Alterk & Helious
  • 1891 - Present: His Grace, Jarad Munnel, Taur of Helious
  • 1867 - Present: His Most Serene Highness, Jarad Munnel, Grand Duke of Efrus & Preta City
  • 1899 - Present: His Lordship, Jarad Munnel, The Lord Steward of Amaethea
  • 1909 - Present: His Serene Highness, Jarad Munnel, The Prince of Helious
  • 1909 - Present: His Serene Highness, Jarad Munnel, Prince of the Mali'Solarii

Former Titles & Styles

  • 1835 - 1854: Mr. Jarad Munnel
  • 1855 - 1867: His Lordship, Jarad Munnel, Baronet of Munnel
  • 1865 - 1881: His Lordship, Jarad Munnel, Baron of Abretta
  • 1865 - 1900: His Lordship, Jarad Munnel, Baron of Brighthill
  • 1872 - 1881: The Honorable, Jarad Munnel, Viscount of Eflen
  • 1869 - 1877: His Excellency, Jarad Munnel, Legate of Balian
  • 1885 - 1889, 1899 - 1933: His Excellency, Jarad Munnel, The Head Steward of Amaethea
  • 1891 - 1898: His Excellency, Jarad Munnel, The Deputy Steward of Amaethea


  • 1855 - Jarad becomes the First Knight of Philip III
  • 1859 - Jarad becomes a baronet by Philip III
  • 1865 - Jarad is awarded a barony by Philip III [2]
  • 1868 - Jarad is awarded a barony by John I
  • 1876 - Jarad is awarded a viscounty by John I
  • 1883 - Jarad is given a County by his friend Kosher Deasmond
  • 1884 - Jarad is named the Margrave of Helious by Kosher Deasmon, Prince Royarch of Ameathae
  • 1891 - Jarad is awarded the title Taur of Helious and the Duchy of Helious by Acanthus Deasmon, the Prince-Royarch of Amaethea.
  • 1909 - Jarad is Proclaimed the Prince of Helious and the Mali'Solarii


Name Birth Death Marriage
Lucius Munnel 1825 1860 1830, unknown Adopted by Jarad Munnel around the age of 20
Ember Munnel 1845 Alive Unwed First Born of Jarad and Sorise, Twin of Rose Munnel Heir to House Munnel
Rose Munnel 1845 Alive Unwed First Born of Jarad and Sorise, Twin of Ember Munnel
Annora Munnel 1860 Alive Unwed Third Born Daughter of Jarad and Sorise
Hera Munnel 1860 Alive Unwed Adopted into the Mainline of the Munnel House by Jarad Munnel
Marx Munnel 1870 Alive Unwed Adopted into the Mainline of the Munnel House by Jarad Munnel
Felix Munnel 1890 Alive Unwed First Born Son of Jarad and Sorise