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Janos Vilac
Margrave of Staf
Reign: 1725–1739
Predecessor: Title Created
Lord of Vilacz
Reign: 1725–1939
Predecessor: Martius Vilac
Prince of Vilachia
Reign: 1728–1739
Predecessor: Edvard II
Born: 10th of the Tobias' Bounty 1704
Carolustadt, Empire of Man
Spouse: Julietta Varoche
House: Vilac
Father: Martius Vilac
Mother: Unknown

Johannes Jrent (10th of Tobias’ Bounty 1704–present), known as “The Wyvern”, was born in the city of Carolustadt, Capital of the now defunct Empire of Man. He was the third born child of Martius Vilac (Formerly Horen) and the only bastard son out of the four.

Later in life, he became the Patriarch of the House of Vilac, self-proclaiming himself the Margrave of Staf and disowning his brother Georgius Vilac (Now Georgius of Helena) and becoming a famous champion of tournaments across Arcas.


Early life

Johannes Jrent was born in Carolustadt to Prince Martius and an Unknown commoner. His birth was frowned upon in the family, making him automatically the most hated by his brothers.

In his childhood, he would stay in the shadow of his brothers, as his parents did not pay any attention to him, yet allowed him to roam around the Imperial city. While his brother’s learnt simple Etiquette, History and common sense he watched from the side, Having no experience nor the ability to learn such, instead, he spent his childhood running around the imperial cities and climbing on rooftops watching over the citizens converse. His stepmother, Ana of Vilachia, loathed him, causing him to distance away from his brothers and father.

Johannes never liked his birth name, thus causing him to take the nickname ‘Janos’. Johannes had always looked up to his big brothers; finding interest in the two and studying them, and naturally following in their footprints recklessly.

Adolescence and Teenage Years

Johannes at the age of 15 started to learn how to write on his own with the commoner’s help. At the age of 17 he had published a book to the library of Haelunor being named “Royal Bastard”, And ‘Element of War’; which found him much success by writing such books with the high elves. This then caused the Head librarian to offer Johannes to write more publications for the library in exchange for Minae, Johannes simply refused the offer that was put forth to him.

Johannes was known to have an easy attraction for women, causing him to fall in love with many, however being rejected most of the time. He was known to look for a wife for as long as his teenage years go; Failing hardly as he gained the title Janos Jrent “The Unlucky”.


War of Two Emperors

Janos did not participate much during the War of Two Emperors, although in that time he developed hatred towards Haense, disliking it’s disloyalty and people as they chose to help a pretender to the throne usurp the crown from the rightful Emperor, Godfrey II. Shortly after Emperor Godfrey II crushed the self-proclaimed Holy Orenian Empire, he abdicated the throne to his brother Achilius Horen, who then disbanded the Empire of Renatus reforming it back into the Holy Orenian Empire, Janos was appointed as Magistrate for the Holy Orenian Empire by William Jrent - Lord Justiciar of the Holy Orenian Empire; Although quickly resigning from the position as he found little to no interest in becoming a magistrate. After the dissolvement of the House of Horen, Janos was legitimized by his father was Janos Vilac. Shortly after Achilius Cascadia (Formerly Horen) was crowned as Emperor of the Holy Orenian Empire, Janos’ brother Georgius (infamously known as Prince Yury) have returned from his travels in Aeldin; when Georgius arrived to the shores of Arcas he has made his way to Helena, Making an announcement that Janos Vilac never had permission to be legitimized; causing Janos to develop hating towards Georgius.

Rise to Power

Shortly after Georgius disowned Janos, Janos made a post ‘Truth of Vilac’, Self legitimizing himself and disowning Georgius Vilac to be known as Georgius of Helena, As well as gaining patriarchy for the house of Vilac and making himself the Margrave of Staf - Causing many people around Arcas to acknowledge the young man and to honor his choices.

Janos had developed a liking to fighting, Causing him to go to many tournaments and beating most opponents, Famously known for winning third place of the great tourney of Haense - Beating four opponents and then losing; many people grew curiosity towards the young man as they saw his skills in the arenas.

After Janos had gained patriarchy of his house he became matured, letting his features expose and his personality to become tough yet caring; And then to have an arranged marriage between him and Julietta Varoche.

A while after the grand tourney of Haense, Janos had gotten an offer from William Alstion to serve as an officer in the Imperial Hussars: The new military of the Holy Orenian Empire. Janos gladly accepted the offer as he started to train the soldiers of the Imperial Hussars.

At the year 13th of Owyn's Flame,1728 - Janos traveled to the Kingdom of Curonia, where there he met Prince Otto Barbanov-Alimar, the Lord Justicar of the Holy Orenian Empire. The two exchanged some words ending up with Janos offering Otto to become a judge under him, with Otto gladly accepting the offer.