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Ireheart Clan Sigil

The Ireheart Clan are a Mountain Dwarf Clan whom are one of the eight elder clans of Urguan, hailing directly from him. The Ireheart Dwed are legendary in Dwarven Culture for their ferocity in battle, their successful line of Kings and their battle-smart tacticians.

Founded by Yavok Ireheart and reborn by Kjell Ireheart during the Aegisian era, the Irehearts follow Dungrimm as their patron god. The Clan have remained ever constant in all forms of Modern Dwarven society and most likely since it’s inception close to 1600 years ago.

Clan Appearance

Men within the clan typically wear pelts and warpaint as a way of worshipping Dungrimm, it is not uncommon to see them without outerwear even in extreme conditions. This being said, Irehearts are not required to follow in this image. As devout followers of Kjell, many Irehearts show traits of imperialistic behavior and will stay true to the Throne of Urguan and whomever may sit there. Their beards are generally unkempt and left to grow naturally, as to honor the gift Yemekar granted their race. Women within the Clan although rare, are generally adorned with hides and pelts of exotic animals and their hair is ceremonially braided and pushed back.

The sigil of the Ireheart’s depicts a black Dragon on green and gray colours. The emblem was adopted in recognition of the Dragons slain by Kjell and acts as a permanent homage to the Paragon.

Ireheart Clan Appearance



Yavok Ireheart

Yavok Ireheart, the founding Lord, one of the eight sons of Urguan. Yavok believed greatly that the honor and respect he would gain from staying loyal to the rightfully crowned King would cement his legacy in Dwedmar history. A Clan he built on the ideals of honor and loyalty, the founding Lord strived to instill a disciplined and controlled belligerence in to his sons, his line would be one of warriors and leaders. Yavok was scrutinised greatly by the Wives and mothers of the Ireheart Clan that the beardlings were committed to the hardships of survival and hunting in such youth. In a time where Dwarven culture lay almost entirely secluded in the deep of mountains, it can only be assumed that the Clan Trials of Yavok’s sons were facing considerably more terrifying trials in the caves of Kal’Urguan than the Clan Trials of today..

Many King’s had risen and fallen as Yavok reached his latter years. Following the eternal winter, Velkan Ironborn began to build a new Empire from the ashes of the first Kingdom. It seemed all Dwedmar would soon succumb to the yoke of Ironborn rule, but regardless of the monstrosities enacted by the Ironborn dynasty, the Irehearts had sworn themselves to the throne and held oath to serve whomever sat there. Persecution and genocide ensued and Yavok sat conflicted between his morality and his honor; The Irehearts marched among the Legions that heeded Velkan’s command but despised much of what they carried out. After Dwain Irongut spoke against the execution of the Runelords, he was executed and martyred forcing the Irongut's to rebel and splinter the Empire

Velkan’s reign soon ended as the Old Dwarf went mad and eventually died, his Heir Khallax Ironborn was considered apathetic compared to his Father’s autocratic rule. Although, some believed this beneficial to the Empire. Many Dwarves, including his brother, thought it was an insult to Velkan’s legacy. Khallax’s Brother, Thorgarn, ousted his Brother with little resistance. Yavok, being unable to protect the King, generally kept his distance from the politics of the Thorgarn’s Empire. He offered little help to the new Emperor as believed Thorgarn’s crowning to be false and illegal.

Much like many of the other Clans, the Irehearts fled sometime during the “Great Collapse.” in response to the Hunting and Execution of Mountain and Forest Dwarves.

A tyrant slaughtering his own and a society in ruin, all that was recorded of before was lost. News reached the Ireheart camp that the last Bastion of Dwarven hope, Simmpa, a Dwarf in the Northern Mountains was gathering a resistance. It took little convincing to the Clan Elders before Yavok rallied every able Ireheart to join Simmpa’s resistance and the rest of the Mountain Dwed. The assault on Kal’Urguan was a a bloodied success, with the Ireheart warriors once again serving by the true King’s side. The Liberator Simmpa had restored Urguan to it’s glory and all was content within the Kingdom.

After Simmpa’s departure, not much is recorded of the Irehearts, it is unknown what happened to Yavok, although it is thought he was permeated with grief and guilt, suffering with insomnia and burdened with trauma. This is no doubt the consequence of his service to the Ironborn. Despite this, Yavok supposedly found peace in serving the Brathmordakin and eventually passed to the halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm at a ripe old age.

Third Age

The clan was first conceived under the alias “The Grim Brotherhood” during the third age when the Dwedmar suffered from de-unified numbers. During such relentless times, Clans fought and conflicted amongst one another in a consistent power struggle. These events prompted the Grim Brotherhood to be formed during the reign of King Hiebe Irongut, whom was at the time believed by some Dwarves to be conspiring with the other races to form a dictatorship over the Dwed. Due to these claims a revolution was born.

Beginning with only three Dwarves, each were rumored to be blessed by the Brathmordakin after they discovered ancient relics with unexplained power.  These three Dwarves; Gorum and Goruk Frostbeard along with the Paragon Kjell Ireheart, combined their efforts to fuel a revolution. Kjell began to aim his efforts to further fuel his uprising, slandering openly the King's folk, the Ironguts.

The feuding between King and Paragon was brought to the halls of the city and council. Tensions reached a boiling point within the court, outbursts of rage and slander coming from both sides in heated discussion. After King Hiebe attempted to arrest Kjell for treason, an agreement was made by both parties that the King and Paragon would answer for their crimes towards one another.

This did not come to fruition as the nearing end of the third age was closed by a darkness that not many Dwedmar understood. It was accepted by both Kjell and Hiebe that they should unite to face a greater enemy. The evil forces of Khorvad pushed the people of Asulon from their home, Kjell and Hiebe both working in coalition to save the Dwed from their demise.

Fourth Age

During the Fourth age the Clan Stormhammer was created as a sub clan for unblooded Irehearts. King Hiebe stepped down from Kingship in order to return the Crown to the first Grand King Thorik Grandaxe, after he was recovered from a volcano in Urguan.  Thorik was believed to have been assassinated by the Grimhall clan's Dwarves, a Clan of architects who for reasons unknown to the Kingdom, went Stark Raving Mad.

The clan lived strong for many years, becoming one of the most powerful clans in the Kingdom. After the death of Igor Ireheart, the first heir, and Kjell Ireheart, the emperor Paragon dragon slayer, the clan was lead by Aldal Ireheart until he went missing. Under Lord Onar Ireheart the clan was reformed back to it’s former state as an Elder Clan, with all members bearing the name ‘Ireheart’.

Onar eventually was discharged as Thane under Midgor, handing the title to Odin Ireheart. Shortly after, he stepped down as Clan Father for Lori Ireheart who led for a brief period. Lori gave Clan Father to Vorstag Ireheart and then rose to Thane status. Vorstag Ireheart rose to Grand King of the Dwarves but shortly died afterwards reclaiming Urguan's armour from the undead. Clan Father was then handed over to Odin Ireheart and Thaneship was appointed to Onar once again.

However many Irehearts had disappeared or left the Kingdom. Bastion Ireheart returned and became Clan Father in an attempt to revive a then nearly extinct clan. Bastion, along with Drynn Ireheart became Senators on the Senate of Hammers and ushered in a new era of the Clan. Eventually more and more Irehearts were being found using the Book of Lineages and the Clan began to grow in numbers once more. This continued until the Irehearts abandoned the Realm of Athera with their dwarven kin. Their numbers shook, but the Irehearts have preserved over time and defended the docks of Kal’Akash for many years, using their hold as a tactical hub of which attacks on the Kraken were launched. Towards the end of Vailor, Drynn Ireheart returned from his long exodus and rose to the ranks of Grand King within Urguan.

Velwyn Ireheart son of Vorstag became Clan Father following Kalviin Ireheart.

Fifth Age


It is believed by the Irehearts that the Emperor, Paragon and Dragon Slayer Kjell Ireheart, was chosen by Dungrimm for being his most loyal follower, and therefore ascended in a blaze of fire and explosions to godship among those of the Brathmordakin bearing the new name of Kjellos. Kjellos is the God of Justice and guardian of the Legion. Although not a member of the Brathmordahkin, Kjellos is considered a Daemon amongst the realm and assists Dungrimm in guiding the dead souls to his plain. Whilst also enacting justice as a spirit acting against those who commit crimes against Dwarf kind.


Religion - The Ireheart clan are ardent followers of the Brathmordahkin, mostly favourably to their patron god Dungrimm and Kjellos. They are known to be zealous, dubbing themselves the protectorates of the Clergy. Many blooded have served the Brathmordakin, with Lori Ireheart holding High Prophet for may years. Similarly, Vorstag Ireheart founded Dungrimm’s Folk in Athera, a guild dedicated to upholding the views of the Brathmordakin.

Honour - Honour is the pillar on which a Dwarf builds his moral compass, Irehearts greatly exaggerate this ideal. In conflict and politics, the Clan holds to oaths and shows great honor.

Loyalty - The Irehearts are known to have been loyal to Throne and Kingdom since their creation. They believe whomever sits there earns the right to rule unless they break the articles, in which case the King is not fit to wear the crown.

Devotion - The clan has worked tirelessly for their Kingdom and have built many fortified vantage structures for the Kingdom in the past. Many members have held high positions in dwarven society and are praised for their often successful reform and progress.

Bravery - The Irehearts are a benchmark in Dwarven society in regards to their heroism and prowess in conflict. Many blooded Ire’s are fabled for their deeds in many of the Great War, some considered the greatest combatants in modern society. Kragor, Urir, Igor  and Dreek just to name a few.

Respect - Ireheart culture is true in the belief of Brotherhood and mutual respect. Almost all actions taken and words spoken by a Blooded is in the ambition to better society's perception and respect of the Clan.


-The skinning of Orcs and Kharajyr was a long and valued tradition within the Irehearts. Beardlings were taught the ways of skinning in their formative years in order to facilitate the Old trials.  

-The cutting of Elf ears was a popular tradition within the Ireheart clan, while doing the Ireheart trials you needed three different elf ears from each type of elf, usually elf ears are used to make necklaces or bracelets.

-After a beardling is blooded, he becomes a full Ireheart and must journey to the highest peaks of the dwarven mountains with the other Ireheart newlings and collect a feather from the rare Ire Raven.

-Painting of one’s body for war and or any other militaristic event is a popular tradition among the Irehearts. Painting one’s body is a religious practice in Ireheart culture but is also to conjure fear in their enemies.

-The Irehearts host many honour duels amongst themselves and between other dwarves in the Kingdom. They do this to prove who is a more capable fighter and to show their Honour.

-The Irehearts are known for breeding Dire Wolves for war purposes and mounts. Throughout time, Irehearts have learned how to control the beasts and have come to earn their trust. They usually reside in the Snowy Dwarven mountains, the Irehearts raise them from pups.

Notable Members

Paragon Kjell Ireheart - Founder
Kjell, practically a God amongst the Clan, was the Emperor and founder of the modern embodiment of the Irehearts. Kjell won countless battles and built many cities, he slew dragons and rose to become one of the most celebrated leaders in Dwarven history. He perished against the Aengul Ondnarch, giving his son Igor the chance to deal the final blow and avenge both his father Kjell and his brother Dreek. There are theories which suggest he was the manifestation of the Aengul of Justice, Kjellos.

Paragon Urir Ireheart
Urir is amongst the most revered Dwed in modern history. Urir sacrificed himself to save all mortal races from the Undead, locking himself in the Nether and allowing Valen Grandaxe and Kjell to escape. Along with Kragor, the two are widely considered the greatest fighters in Dwarven society and arguably the entire realm.

Paragon Igor Ireheart
A major figure in the Clan, Igor was a well-known commander and a Lord in the Kingdom of Urguan. He was a proven and dedicated member of the clan who was capable of dismantling foe. He perished by slaying the Aengul Ondnarch with the Hammer of Barradin, avenging the death of his brother Dreek. Following this, he was named a Paragon by the Aengul Wyvryn, yet the Brathmordakin recognize him only as a Hero.

Dreek Ireheart
A major figure in the Clan during its creation, he was slain by the Aengul Ondnarch while defending Kal'Azgoth. While the Irehearts spent their time in Kal'Azgoth, Dreek purchased both of the clan's Clan Halls and maintained their commerce - making the clan the richest in the Kingdom. During his life, he was a Lord twice a Grand Marshal once, as well as Clan Father for a brief time. After death, Dreek was inducted into the Hall of Heroes for his service to the Kingdom as well as the Brathmordakin. He completed the trial with the likes of a red, black, and green hide along with claiming the ears of three elves, eye of the war mistress, and obtaining the bark of a dryad's tree. After his death, much of his line went into hiding and seemed to almost become wiped out from existence.  

Odin Ireheart
A well-known figure in the clan Ireheart during the time of its dominance in the Kingdom of Urguan, he was a Longbeard in the legion. Odin was greatly respected for his unyielding loyalty towards the Clan as well as being one of its senior members. He completed the trial with the likes of a light green, dark green and black hide along with claiming the ears of three elves and obtaining the bark of a dryad's tree. Odin reclaimed the long-lost axe of Yavok upon entering an Ironborn's vault in Athera.

Onar Ireheart
A figure in the clan during the time of dominance in the Kingdom, he was a long-serving Lord Chamberlain of Urguan, and for a long time a member of the Clan Council. He completed the trial with the likes of black, green and white hides along with claiming the ears of three elves and obtaining the bark of a dryad's tree. He acted as Clan Father after Aldal, then passed it on to his nephew Lori to focus on clan politics on the Council rather than internal clan affairs. He had gone absent for many years, returning recently with stories of dragon slaying, claiming to have killed three in his adventures.

Roggar Ireheart
A well known figure in the clan Ireheart during the time of blooming, he is well known as the Grand Marshal of the legion. He had proven to be a dedicated member of the clan who can decapitate elves in a matter of seconds. He completed the trial with the likes of a dark green, brown, and light green hide along with claiming the ears of three elves and obtaining the bark of a dryad's tree.

Vorstag Ireheart
Formally a Grandaxe, Vorstag was known for leading his troops into battle as King, he was an accomplished military commander. After being shunned by the Kingdom, he traveled to find himself, tracing his lineage he found that he was more Ireheart than Grandaxe and thus chose the path of Kjellos. Eventually, he ascended to become Clan Father. Vorstag became Grand King once more yet his reign was short as he died reclaiming Urguan's armor from a corrupted Urir Ireheart. He completed his trials with the likes of green, red and blue orc skins along with claiming three elf ears and the bark of a dryad's tree.

Falent Ireheart
A very well known figure in the Ireheart clan during its productive era, he is well known as a master bowman which is quite uncommon amongst dwarves as well as being the previous Yemekar's Pick. He completed the trial with the likes of red, light green and dark green hide along with claiming the ears of three elves and obtaining the bark of a dryad's tree. He served as clan elder before sacrificing his life to defeat a very powerful dark evil and save the world from absolute destruction.

Agnar Ireheart
A well-known figure in the clan Ireheart during the time of its dominance in the Grand Kingdom of Urguan, he is well known as an amazing fighter and who served most of his time in the legion. He completed the trial with the likes of a black, red, and white hide along with claiming the ears of three elves and obtaining the bark of a dryad's tree. He served as Clan Elder and Father during Vailor rebuilding the clan from near extinction, then passed the title Clan Father to his brother Dain to focus on continuing his work of growing the clan. He had been unseen for many years and is said he is either dead or missing.

Kragor Ireheart
A known figure in the clan Ireheart during the time of its dominance in the Kingdom of Urguan, he is regarded to be amongst the greatest combatants in Dwarven history. He completed the trial with the likes of a dark green, green, and light green hide along with claiming the ears of three elves and obtaining the bark of a dryad's tree.

Drynn Ireheart
A current figure in the Clan, Drynn is one of the most capable warriors in the Kingdom. After Drynn's reemergence within the kingdom Drynn he quickly rose to power after creating a vast amount of cultural activities. Due to his accomplishments, he became the Grand King of Urguan. He completed his trial by claiming three elf ears along with light green, dark green and red orc skins, as well as cutting the bark of a druid's tree.

Midgor Ireheart
Midgor, is major figures and Clan Elder during modern history, like his father Kjell he rose to the title of Grand King showing exceptional leadership capabilities. However, he was impeached after feuds within the Kingdom. He rose a second time and endured another reign, eventually getting removed once again under questionable circumstances.  

Bastion Ireheart
A very well known figure in the clan Ireheart during the time of its dominance in the Kingdom of Urguan, he is well known as a promising young smith who is very capable at wielding a blade. He completed the trial with the likes of a purple, green, and grey hide along with claiming the ears of three elves and obtaining the bark of a dryad's tree.

Gror Ireheart
A known figure within the Irehearts in the times of Axios. Gror completed his trials the skinning of three different orc hides, 3 mew mews hides and bark of a dryad’s tree. He rose to power within the Grand Kingdom and eventually became Grand king.