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The Lord of the Craft has an array of custom commands that can be viewed by typing /roleplay in game. These commands change often. Some of the most common ones are listed below.

Basic Commands

Command Description Who can use
/menu Opens the Roleplay Menu Everyone
/ss Displays Soul stone commands Everyone
/persona Displays commands for character's card Everyone
/helpmenu Opens the GUI of the help menu. Everyone
/help Displays all the help commands. Everyone

Characters Cards

/persona view <mcname>

Displays your Character card or the card of the chosen player. You may also click a character's name in chat or shift click a player to see their Character card.

/persona name (RPname)

Use this command to set your character's name.

/persona prefix (Prefix)

Use this command to set a prefix to a character's name.

/persona clearprefix

Use this command to remove a prefix.

/persona age (age)

Use this to set your character's age.

/persona autoage

This makes the age automaticaly raise at the right time.

/persona addbio (info)

This allows you to describe your character's physical description.

/persona clearbio

Use this to remove your character's bio.

/me Opens a GUI about your player set. You can change characters, and access help channels through this.

Chat System


Makes your default writing channel the one you chose.

#(channel) <message>

Sends a message through the chosen channel.

Local channels


Talk In-Character in the local area.


Whisper In-Character in a very small area.


Speak quietly In-Character, in a medium sized area.


Shout In-Character in a very large area.

#looc or ((

Local Out of Character.

/chat settings emotestyle (style)

Chooses between the three quotation chat styles: always, explicit, and quotations.

/chat settings emotecolor (color)

Changes the emote color of your emotes to the one chosen.

/roleplay customcolors

Enables/Disables seeing custom colors on emotes.

Global channels

/chat join (channel)

Joins a Global Channel.

/chat leave (channel)

Leaves a Global Channel.


Global Wandering Soul channel.


Global Out of Character channel.


Global Help channel.

Instant messages

/t or /msg (player MCname) (message)

Sends a message to player selected.

/r (message)

Replies to the last player who you received or sent a message.

Friend List


Displays all commands of Friends.

/friend list

Lists all your friend

/friend add (MCname)

Adds a new friend.

/friend remove (MCname)

Removes a friend.

/friend accept [IGN]

Accept a friend request.

/friend deny [IGN]

Deny a friend request.

/friend setting

Change your friend settings.

/friend broadcast

Sends a message to all your friends.



Shows the amount of minas you own.

/money pay [IGN] [Amount]

Pays the designated player the amount of minas chosen.

/money drop

Drops mina on the ground.

Other Roleplay Commands

/roll (#)

Shows a random number between 1 and the number chosen. Can be used for various reasons in role-playing situations, such as games, fights, and luck based situations.

/seen [IGN]

Shows how long a person has been online/offline, and if he has been banned. If online it also shows the name of the character.


Shows the current date of the world of Lord of the Craft

/realname [RPname]

Shows the player that plays the character with the chosen name.


Makes your MC figure walk instead of jog, you walk slower than normal but not as slow as crouching.


Makes your character sneak without having to hold down your binded key.

/search [IGN]

Sends the target player a request to search their inventory.

/search accept <slot>

Accept the search. By adding a number after ‘accept’ you can also try hiding an item in your hotbar. 20% chance that you are discovered, it may be quite suspicious to be caught red-handed. The # can be from 1 → 9. (hotbar size). You have a success rate of 80% of hiding an item.

/search deny

Denies the search.


Also can be used as /rpnames, switch between Minecraft usernames and Roleplay names displayed.

/damage (#)

Gives you damage of # points. Half a heart is 1 point.


Keep a selected item with you through death.

/revive [IGN]

Revives a nearby knocked out player.

/edit [name]

Names an item.

/headshop, /hs

Opens the headshop menu where you can buy items for a standard price of 25 minas.

Staff Related Commands

/modreq (message)

Creates a request that can be seen and taken by a Game Moderator.


Displays all modreqs you created that have not been completed yet, as well as the number of your modreqs.

/done (Modreq number)

Use when your modreq is no longer needed to have GM assistance. To get the modreq number use /check.


Brings up a list of admins on duty.

/modlist Brings up a list of mods on duty.


Brings up a list of community team on duty.


Brings up a list of story team on duty.


/soulstone or /ss

Displays soulstone mechanincs and returns a soulstone to your inventory.

/ss bind (#)

Binds the soulstone to the nearest soulpillar. Donors get access to more slots.

/ss release (#)

Removes the binding of soulstone slot number #.

/ss block

Makes everyone around you not able to soulstone away.

/ss imbue (name)

Turns a redstone pillar to a soulpillar with that name. Requires Diamond VIP.

/ss study

Gives your pillar location and it’s bound souls. Requires Diamond VIP.

/ss banish (Mcname)

Removes a player from the redstone pillar. Requires Diamond VIP.

/ss revoke

Removes the redstone pillar previously created. Requires Diamond VIP.

Shift + Right/Left click with soulstone.

Chose soulpillar to teleport to.

Right click with the soulstone.

Teleports you to the chosen location.


/region addmember (regionname) (MCname)

Used to add a player to the permissions of a region. Must be region owner to use.

/region removemember (regionname) (MCname)

Used to remove a player to the permissions of a region. Must be region owner to use.

/region info (regionname) Gives public information about ownership and access details to a specific region.

Right click with a feather.

Shows all regions which affect the block right clicked.

Donator Only Commands


Coal VIP+

  • Bold and Italicize your roleplay with / for italics and ^ for bold text.
  • /edit to rename one item per week.
  • /auth allows you to protect your account using an authentication app.

Iron VIP+

  • /cardex color to change the color theme of your persona card.
  • /edit desc describe items.
  • /edit sign -rp sign items with your roleplay name
  • /edit rename two items per week.

Gold VIP+

  • /npc access to creating one NPC.
  • /cardex ct view to set a custom tag to your persona.
  • /edit color [color] to change the color of an item.
  • /edit rename three items per week.

Diamond VIP+

  • /skin save one skin to use for your persona.
  • /soulbind allows you to soulbind an item and keep it throughout death.
  • /npc access to creating two NPCs.
  • /cardex to add up to two custom tags to your persona.
  • /edit rename four items per week.

Bedrock VIP+

  • /spit and /vomit to further your roleplay immersion.
  • /skin save two skins to use for your persona.
  • /soulbind allows you to soulbind two items and keep it throughout death.
  • /npc access to creating three NPCs.
  • /edit rename six items per week.
  • /cardex to add up to three custom tags to your persona.

Ender VIP+

  • /hat use any block as a hat.
  • /skin save three skins to use for your persona.
  • /soulbind allows you to soulbind three items and keep it throughout death.
  • /edit rename eight items per week

Aether VIP+

  • /prefix get a customized chat prefix in-game.
  • /fw launch fireworks at anytime.
  • /trails access to particles trails.
  • /mypet gain access to a fuzzy new companion.
  • /skin save four skins to use for your persona.
  • /soulbind allows you to soulbind four items and keep it throughout death.
  • /npc access to creating five NPCs.
  • /edit rename fourteen items per week

Chest Commands


LWC Protections allows you to lock chests, doors, furnaces, dispensers, and trapdoors from the general public.


Creates a private protection for you.

/cpassword (password)

Creates a protection. Those with the password can access the chest.

/cunlock (password)

Used to unlock a chest protected with /cpassword.


Lists the owner of said chest/furnace/door protection, and gives the type of protection used to lock the chest.

/cmodify {@, -}(MC Name)

Default adds said player to chest protection. Using "@" gives them ownership which allows them to add and remove other players to the protection. Using "-" removes said player to chest protection.


Creates a chest where anyone can add items but just the owners can remove.


Removes LWC protection.