Illythia Arator

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Illythia Arator
Grand Marshal
Occupation: Forcibly Retired
Titles: Baronet of Whitepeak
Predecessor: Ser Rozmeo Kastrovat (As Grand Marshal of The Legion)
Successor: None (As Grand Marshal of The Legion)
Allegiance: RenatusFlag.png Empire of Man
Years of Service: 1719 - 1726 As Grand Marshal
Years of Service: 1689 - 1726 Within The Legion
Born: 26th of Sigismund's End, 1475, Unknown camp, Warhawke Chiefdom
Spouse: Ailduin Elverhilin
House: House of Arator-Elverhilin
Father: Illythion Vaeric
Mother: Asaruy'Asa Arator

Illythia Rose Arator, known as Illythia or Illy (1475–present day) was the Grand Marshal of His Majesty's Imperial Legion. She was a notable character within The Empire of Renatus, along with few other events aswell, primarily her mercenary work and attempted diplomacy with elven nations, alongside presence during the escape from Atlas.


Early Life


As a Mercenary

Illythia found herself fighting in battles from ~1575-1675 as a Mercenary as a for-hire mercenary. These wars included The Coalition War for The House of Staunton, The Czena Conflict for Renatus, Atlas Coalition War for The War Nation of Krugmar, Bandit War for Renatus, Second Atlas Coalition War for The Dominion of Malin, and finally Third Atlas Coalition War for The Kingdom of Gladewynn, then joining as Renatus- ending her Mercenary Campaign.

Within Renatus

On Atlas, Illythia is known as a controversial figure within Renatus. She has been around since ~1690, within The Imperial Legion starting out as a footman under Marshal Brand von Denhardt. She would slowly, surely rise through the ranks after proving herself loyal to Renatus, despite the racial conflicts due to The Vizima Act and more within The Empire. She would prove celibate unless to a canonist elf of The Empire, which would never come. Illythia quietly would battle her struggles of ostracizing and lonliness within Renatus, before befriending four figures within The Imperial Legion. Rozmeo Kastrovat, Aldis Chase, Seth Renault, and Uthred Gromach. She got along well with the four and would often do what she could to make friends with such, and earn their trust. She would rise to the rank of Ensign before the resignation of Ser Seth Renault as he left for Aeldin. Illythia would be seen notably enforcing law around Carolustadt alongside other cities of The Empire, primarily Adria, where she would find herself as a prominent figure during The Gentleman's War. Much about Illythia is unknown, particularly her personal life and heritage.

On Arcas, Illythia slowed through The Legion as a trusted advisor and member of Renatus. She would often spend time out along Imperial Vassals and other nations, building a hefty list of a dozen few contacts that would tell her info she needed before it hit the mainstream. She was assigned the rank of Elven Diplomat by Antonius I, Emperor of Man and would conduct meetings between His Majesty, herself, and any Elven leader to conduct talks, if not done herself. Primarily with Aegrothond and Vira'ker, two nations often at odds with The Empire. She would raise to Colonel, and eventually unto General within The Imperial Legion, busying herself with whatever The Grand Marshal may have ordered. She would find herself in love and married with an Adrian thought to be a Norlander, then eventually revealed to be a wood elf, Ailduin Elverhilin. The two courted before and after The Bloody Court and would marry in 1710. Ailduin would go on to be ennobled within Haense after being Knighted, unofficially. He was granted a large portion of land directly north of Reza and Helena, which Illythia would come to posession of. Eventually, in 1718 in the midst of The War of Two Emperors, she would be granted Grand Marshal by Ser Rozmeo Kastrovat and Godfrey III, Emperor of Renatus. In 1721 a peace would be brokered between the remnants of Oren and Renatus, leading to the end of The War. Illythia was recrowned and granted the title of Baronet of Whitepeak - finally crowned from the land she had earned before the war. During this time she aswell dismantled and dissolved The Imperial Renatian Legion, in her edict Vincere est Vivere [1], out of respect for previous leadership. She would be granted Grand Marshal of The Holy Orenian Empire in that same year, restructuring and rebuilding the force from the ground up.


Name Birth Death Marriage Partner Issue
Illythion Arator 1st of Godfrey's Triumph 1690 -- -- Unknown Father Firstborn, Heir
Nayalara Arator 1st of Godfrey's Triumph 1690 -- -- Unknown Father Secondborn
Asaruy'Asailer "Enarvyne" Arator 3rd of Sun's Smile 1692 -- -- Unknown Father Adopted
Kamila Arator 19th of Godfrey's Triump 1693 -- -- Unknown Father Adopted
Ephraim Arator-Elverhilin 21st of Deep Cold, 1711 -- -- Ailduin Elverhilin Thirdborn, Second Heir
Ildari Arator-Elverhilin 21st of Deep Cold, 1711 -- -- Ailduin Elverhilin Fourthborn
Aaravos Arator-Elverhilin 24th of Godfrey's Triumph, 1736 -- -- Ailduin Elverhilin Fifthborn