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Human Nations & Charters

Haense Settlement Guide

The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, known as the Kingdom of Haense or simply Haense (New Marian: Haenz; Raevir: Henzij), is a centralized, united monarchy composed of two crowns, Hanseti and Ruska, and ruled by a single individual known as the king. Highlanders make up the majority of the population of Haense (especially Haeseni, but also Batavians, Raevir, and Norlanders) and the state claims to be the "Realm of All Highlanders". Its current capital is Karosgrad, one of the largest human cities in Almaris, which is situated in the Nouth of the Kingdom and surrounded by icelands to the North.

Norland Settlement Guide

The Kingdom of Norland is a absolute monarchy ruled by a single individual known as the King. Highlanders comprise of the majority of the population of Norland (specifically Norlanders) and the King claims to be 'Protector of the Highlanders'. Varhelm is the current capital of the Kingdom of Norland, which is located along the great northwestern mountain range of Almaris. The Red Faith finds its home in the Kingdom of Norland as both the most practiced religion of the region and the official state religion, with the largest Hearth Temple standing next to the great Palace of Varhelm.

Oren Settlement Guide

The Holy Orenian Empire, colloquially known as Oren, or the Empire, is an absolute monarchy comprising a plurality of humanity. The official state church is the Church of the Canon. Governed by an Emperor and the Imperial Diet, the Holy Orenian Empire is an expansive, diverse realm. It is situated along the center of the continent composed of the Imperial heartlands, with the capital city of Providence as the seat of the Empire, and several municipalities across the continent.

Al-Faiz Settlement Guide
flag al-faiz.png

The city of Al-Faiz is located in the desert island of Korvassa. Named after the first Caliph, and uniter of the Farfolk people, Faiz Kharadeen. Al-Faiz is the seat of House Al-Nabeel and capital of the Sultanate of Korvassa. The streets are constantly filled with conversations and bargaining of street Vendors. The mighty Sandstone walls defend the people from raiders, and the Al-Jund are those who man the walls. The mighty towers that reach the sky can be appreciated from any space of the city. The mighty palace of the Sultan rises above all other buildings. Its glory and strength are visible from anywhere on the island. To the east, a ferry can be found that brings those of the mainland to the sandy island. The mighty Green and White banners cover the walls of the city, a sign of the strong nationality of the Qalasheen. The Blacksmiths can be heard forging the Kadarsi Steel, as bakers make unique foods like Kunafa, and Shawarma. In the End the City of Al-Faiz, has all that anyone could desire, of any race. .