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Haense Settlement Guide

The Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska, known as the Kingdom of Haense or simply Haense (New Marian: Haenz; Raevir: Henzij), is a centralized, united monarchy composed of two crowns, Hanseti and Ruska, and ruled by a single individual known as the king. Highlanders make up the majority of the population of Haense (especially Haeseni, but also Batavians, Raevir, and Norlanders) and the state claims to be the "Realm of All Highlanders". Its current capital is Karosgrad, one of the largest human cities in Almaris, which is situated in the Nouth of the Kingdom and surrounded by icelands to the North.

Aaun Settlement Guide

The United Kingdom of Aaun, or Aaun in short, is a constitutional monarchy located at the heart of Almaris, on the lands which are accordingly named the Heartlands. The Kingdom is ruled by the Sovereign of Aaun in conjunction with the Kingdom’s government - the Royal Offices, and the Peerage of the Realm, who are each granted a considerable amount of autonomy.

Balian Settlement Guide

The Kingdom of Balian, is an Absolute Monarchy, their Capital city of Atrus is located in the Southern continent. Boasted as the Jewel of the South. Founded in the aftermath of the Brothers war, it stands as the last Kingdom of the Novellen dynasty. They continue to preserve and hold the title Protector of the South.

Hyspia Settlement Guide
New Hyspia COA.png

Hyspia is a vibrant cultural and historical community, initially founded in the Wildlands of Arcas by Cesar de Rivera. Warfare, migration to Almaris, and a religious split characterize their journey. Hyspian culture includes one-of-a-kind events such as Dia de los Muertos, as well as a love of music, poetry, and theater. Hyspians are recognized for their tenacity, passion, and sense of self-worth. La Dorada is now a symbol of their unity and shared identity, promising a bright future for all Hyspians.

Norland Settlement Guide

The Kingdom of Norland is a absolute monarchy ruled by a single individual known as the King. Highlanders comprise of the majority of the population of Norland (specifically Norlanders) and the King claims to be 'Protector of the Highlanders'. Varhelm is the current capital of the Kingdom of Norland, which is located along the great northwestern mountain range of Almaris. The Red Faith finds its home in the Kingdom of Norland as both the most practiced religion of the region and the official state religion, with the largest Hearth Temple standing next to the great Palace of Varhelm.

Númendil Realm Guide

The Númenedain, inhabitants of the Kingdom of Númendil, are a militant and pious people deeply rooted in the values of chivalry and virtue. Their faith in Owynism and commitment to knighthood shape their character, making them appear prudish and austere to some. Stemming from a history of strife and a cautious nature, they are slow to trust but form enduring friendships marked by unwavering loyalty. Governed by a traditional monarchy, the Númenedain hold disdain for modern institutions, placing great importance on knighthood and the chivalric code, where the Oath of Tar-Númenatâr signifies a lifelong commitment to duty, God Almighty, and the protection of the innocent.

Petra Settlement Guide

The Commonwealth of the Petra is a republic guided by its knightly order and values, with its capital at Valfleur, in the Petra River Valley's heart. A meritocratic republic in which knighthood was essential for advancement.

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