Hughes I of Lotharingia

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Hughes I
King of Lotharingia
Reign: 1609 - 1614
Coronation: 1609
Predecessor: Odo I
Successor: Leufroy I
Born: 4th of Malin's Welcome, 1596
Metz, Lorraine, Oren
Died: 18th of the Amber Cold, 1614
The Doggersden
Spouse: Mary of Leone
House: d'Amaury
Father: John I of Lotharingia
Mother: Charlotte of Alstion

Hughes Pierre, also known as Hughes I (Common: Hughes Pierre; High Imperial: Hubertus Petrus; Savoyard: Hugues Pierrick; Hansetian: Hugo Pieter), was the fourth King of Lotharingia of the House of d'Amaury, taking up the throne following a coup d’état on the administration of his cousin, Odo I, on account of the marshal services of the rag-tag Bastard’s Band, headed by Guildenstern - a baseborn of the late Duke Jon Renault of Savoie. Regarded as radical by most, Hughes’ reign gave rise to the reconstruction of the Capital city of New Metz, an architectural marvel at the time.

Though praised in his home of Lotharingia, Hughes quickly gained reputation as a traitor abroad following his complete severing of ties with the Kingdom of Courland during the Greyspine Rebellion despite his twin sister Marie Therese’s marriage to King Joseph de Aleksandria. Although vastly outnumbered in the face of Courland and Urguan’s superior host, Hughes I opted to aid the Ruthern insurgents in the victorious Second Battle of the Rothswood, ultimately paving the way to the Fifth Empire's successor states' reformation of the Holy Orenian Empire. He would not see such a prospect come fully to fruition, however. In the year 1614 Hughes I would meet his demise at the hands of House Romstun, flayed alive by men who sought vengeance for his forefather Augustus’ actions in the Siege of Fort Dunamis more than half a century prior.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Lothaire III of Lorraine 1610 1666 Jessalin Gromach Successor of Leufroy I.
Alexandrine Victoire, Madame Royale 1612 Deceased Unwed Eldest daughter of Hughes I and Mary of Leone.
Philip Louis d'Amaury 1614 1672 Unwed Second son of Hughes I and Mary of Leone. Twin to Louise Margaret.
Louise Margaret d'Amaury 1614 1676 Unwed Second daughter of Hughes I and Mary of Leone. Twin to Philip Louis.