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In order to play on LotC, you must be whitelisted. The whitelisting process, while seemingly daunting, is actually quite simple and we're here to help you every step of the way. You can apply on our forums. And fret not, for this page will help you with the process all the way through.

Step One || Creating Your Application

In order for one’s application to be valid, there are several criteria that an application must adhere to in order to be accepted. While they may seem like a lot, they assist us in knowing where you might need to improve and what you have a good grasp upon. More specific requirements are listed on the application page on the forums.

Your application and character must be your own work. Plagiarism is not tolerated on LotC at all and performing such on your application is an instant denial. Basing your character off of another is one thing, but there’s a difference between basing and carbon copying. Your character must be written to the best of your ability, conveying their personality, appearance, and backstory clearly. Grammar and spelling must also be carried out to the best of one’s abilities. We aren’t seeking perfection, but it helps the process go a lot smoother and makes the application easier to understand.

Step Two || Application Stages

After you have set up your application and posted it, you wait. Generally, applications take no longer than an hour to a day to be responded to, so do not feel as if your application was forgotten or ignored, the Community Team will get to it as soon as possible.

There are three responses you can receive on an application once posted; pending, denied, or accepted.

DENIED also occurs after one applies. Despite the foreboding name, a denied application is not the end of the road for your journey on LotC. This stage is initially received by very few applications, meaning that you’ll more likely be put on pending than denied. Applications that receive this status are usually seen as illegitimate attempts or if their application does not fit the criteria at all. Like stated prior, your application can also be denied if you do not make the corrections listed when your application is on Pending within the 24 hour time limit.
An example of how a denied message might appear.
If your application is denied, that does not mean you are barred from LotC. All you would have to do is re-apply, and this can be done at any time after your initial application’s denial. Just make sure you follow the corrections that the Community Team Member gave you on your application.

PENDING occurs you have put up your application, you will likely receive a message similar to the one shown in the thumbnail below. This means that, while your application wasn't particularly bad, there are several changes that might be made before you are accepted.

An example of what a pending message might look like.
Typically there are only a few flaws in pending applications, generally involving information or knowledge that one's character wouldn't typically have (i.e. magics, deities), unrealistic occurrences in their biography, or incorrect definitions. Players are always given 24 hours to fix mistakes during this stage, lest the application is denied. The changes that must occur will always be listed under the large pending title, and these must be filled out in order for your application to be accepted. Make sure to use the links that the Community Team member provides you with, as they can help you with information you may potentially need for your application. Joining the discord link as well is highly recommended, as it can allow you to communicate with already verified players for help as well. If you believe that a problem on your application is not a mistake, try to contact the Community Team Member who handled your application, as their discords are usually put on the pending messages for ease of access.

Once you make your changes, you may contact the Community Team Member who is handling your application, either via the forums or discord. If they do not respond right away, do not worry. The Team has lots of players to take care of and they will get to you as soon as possible. Most applications go through this stage and it is not uncommon for an application to be put on Pending multiple times if the Community Team Member deems it requiring such. It all depends on how well you follow the given directions and criteria. Like stated before, if you're unsure of something check the Wiki or ask a Community Team Member for assistance!

Step Three || Acceptance and What To Do After

ACCEPTED is the last stage for applications, occurring after an applicant has made edits requested during the Pending Stage or their applications met all the server's requirements without needing to go through the Pending Stage at all.

An example of what an accepted message might appear like.
After you have been accepted, your account will automatically be whitelisted on LotC and your character will also already be implemented on the server, so you can get to playing right away. It is recommended that you request a monk upon your acceptance, by using the command /creq in-game. This will create a ticket which a Community Team Member will respond to at the earliest convenience in order to guide you around.

If you do not wish to be guided and simply explode freely, by all means, go ahead! There are signs which can lead to different settlements and cities from the Cloud Temple, so follow those if you wish. For more information on our settlements and nations, visit our Settlement Guides.