House of Silversteed

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House of Silversteed
Silversteed COA.png
Country: Norland
King of Arbor
Duke of Arbor
Count of Evermoore
Count of Jornburg
Count of Silverholt
Baron of Arbor
Baron of Fahr
Baron of Silverholt
Baron of Silvermark
Founder: Avalon Silversteed
Current Head: Assumed Extinct
Ethnicity: Highlanders
House Motto: "We are retribution"

The House Silversteed was founded back in Vailor, during the time of the Third Rurikid Uprising, Avalon constructed the fortress of Silverholt just above the Norlandic capital of Seahelm, Avalon Silversteed was a notable commander in the Sack of Seahelm. The House later went on to become a landed vassal of the Riverlanders in Dreadlands. Later during their time in Norland during the Krag era, the Silversteeds had three respectable thanes, one Ethan a Count in the Dreadlands, Avalon Silversteed, King of Arbor, served Norland faithfully for years before rebelling after the death of Jevan Ruric, and William a respected baron in Norland, who later returned to bring an end to his father's unjust rebellion. The House would remain, after the rebellion of Avalon, a house under Curon for a great many years, before Solaire Silversteed returned to Norland and aquired a ploy of land to construct a fortress and continue his house, this was short-lived as Solaire was blinded by the Caunters and fled alongside them, forcing the return of William II and his brother Arthur.