House of Romstun

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House of Romstun
House Romstun.jpg
imperialorenia.png Oren
Dreadlands Coat of Arms.png Dreadlands
Titles: Lord of Doggersden
Founder: Balereo Romstun
Current Head: Deano Romstun
Ethnicity: Highlander

The House of Romstun is a noble house house which saw its greatest moments of triumph during the Fringe and Axios. Since those days, however, the Romstuns have fallen out of relevance, with the numbers of the house dwindling. However, despite this fact, the Romstun memory still lives on proudly as a part of the empire, with them still being considered a noble house.



The origins of House Romstun are very humble indeed, being a new house without the rich histories that belong to the older families in the human nation of Oren. Infact, House Romstun was formerly a band of brothers and bandits, many coming from the remnants of the destruction of organizations such as House Flay and the Coal Miner’s Union.

Whilst the creation of the house clearly came from a very outlandish framework, the abilities and experience of the men allowed the leader of the institution, Rocco Romstun, grandson to the fabled warrior of the Flay organization, Balereo ‘Rocco’ Romstun, to come to fame during the Orenian-Dwarf war of the Fringe. A hero during the combat, Rocco was awarded nobility for his house and his network of warriors and brigands by Boris Carrion III on the 19th of Sun’s Smile, 1459 and recognized by Emperor Robert Chivay I on the 11th of the Deep Cold 1473, after the prowess shown by the ‘doggers’ during the long Orenia-Bloc Fringe war.


During the transition to Athera the house had stopped operating at the level they had in the Fringe. With the land “Old Trafford” given to Rocco II by Olivier de Savoie and the title Master of Ships bestowed upon him by Emperor Tuvya Carrion. House Romstun and it’s bannerman stagnated in the island of Athera and it’s existence almost surely died out.


When the Romstun boats docked at the Imperial city of Felsen, Lord Rocco Romstun and his bannerman departed onto the mainland moving to colonize the northern hemisphere of the newly discovered island. The House further remained silent, it’s operations halted and slowed at a pace which had never seen before. The House of Romstun relied on war, conflict and battle, it was they lived and breathed for. They sought the death of men and the wealth that it provided. The House returned to it’s former status slightly at the beginning of the Eighteen Year’s War, when Lord Rocco Romstun marched into the Marquess of Caen and betrayed the twin descendants of Pertinax Horen. The entire army moved across the land, putting blade to all known associates before dragging Octavian and Tiberius before Rocco. They were battered and bruised, dazed and stunned, they had been dragged from their tents in the middle of the night and betrayed by a man they saw as their ally, and for what? Rocco was promised money for assassinating the Imperial Marshal of Oren and moved to strike with speed and efficiency. Octavian looked up at the man with nothing but sadness and stayed silent, both of the famed Pertinax descendants taking their executions with dignity. Rocco knew that such an attempt on the Imperial Marshal of Oren was risky and must be executed perfectly. That is why every man, woman and child was butchered, none left to spare. Rocco lived out the remainder of Vailor in riches, yet his son’s Deano and Ronnie had been sick of the stagnation and moved south to make names for themselves.


During Axios, House Romstun didn't have any major involvement until around the rise of the sixth Holy Orenian Empire. During this time, they went to war with the Kingdom of Lotharingia and the rest Oren, and managed to win, integrating into the empire and taking the western half of the Lotharingian land. Following this, they were able to make a name for themselves in the empire, pulling a large amount of the string behind the scenes and keeping themselves in power though. However, this took its toll and other Houses in Oren grew tired of the amount of influence they held. This ultimately led to Prince Phillip's War, starting after House Romstun had killed Prince Phillip. Lead by Emperor Peter II this time House Romstun was decisively defeated. Following this, the house began slowly to fade out of the spotlight, but not before helping Aurelius I overthrow the Orenian Empire and establish the Kingdom of Renatus.

Notable Figures

† Balereo ‘Rocco’ Romstun - Founder of House Romstun, infamous brigand and loyal bannerman under Augustus Flay.
† Rocco ‘the Great’ Romstun - First son of James Romstun, Grandson of Balereo Romstun. Infamous war general and tactician, lead the House of Romstun to great heights.
† Darius Bartham - Third son of James Romstun, Grandson of Balereo Romstun. Renowned mercenary captain and ruthless bandit, lead multiple successful battles against both dwarven and Imperial forces.
† Xander Romstun - Second in command of the bannermen of House Blackmont, loyal subordinate of August Flay and Lucius Flay.
† Zoey ‘Warrior-Empress’ Romstun - Daughter of Deano Romstun, a good warrior in her own right, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of men and women. Second in command of House Romstun before her death.
† Michael Bartham - Bastard son of Deano Romstun, great military tactician and renowned warrior.
† Leitseig von Draco - Bastard son of Warren Bartham and direct descendant of Darius Bartham, Grand Marshal of the Reformed Kingdom of Renatus and General of the Third Crusade.
Deano ‘Killer of Kings’ Romstun - Son of Rocco Romstun, known across the realm as the devil himself, Deano earned himself a name as a powerful bandit lord who won multiple battles with unlikely odds.
Ronnie Romstun - Second son of Rocco Romstun, unknown across the realm.


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