House of Hope

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House of Hope


The Hope Families Coat of Arms
Founder: Finn Hope I
Current Head: Edith Hope
Heir Apparent(s): Evelyn Hope and Olivia Hope
Matriarch of House Hope
Interim Leader of the Fire Church
Fire Lord of Curonia
Alderwoman of Providence
Knight of Blazengard
Ethnicities: Human, Highlander, Heartlander
Languages: Common, New Marian
Religions: Fire Church, Canonism
House Mottos:
"When there is hope, there is a way."
"Loyal to the end."
BackgroundHaenseCoatBiggerCrown.png Hanseti-Ruska (Originally)
DreamEmpire.png Holy Orenian Empire (Currently 1801-present)
Despotate of Vasiyeva (Formerly)
Parent House:
House of Bojo
Sibling Branch:
FireCultCoatOfArms.png House of Venlic
Servant Family:
House of Beckett

The Hope Family is a well-known Orenian commoner family known for being in local politics and the Imperial State Army, as well for owning a family run bistro in the Imperial Capital of Providence. The family was founded in Reza, Haense by Finn Hope I in the year 1720, shortly after the loss of his parents. Thus the Hope family was formed with House Bojo as the parent House and House Venlic, a sibling branch being established shortly afterwards. The Hope families identity is built on loyalty and trust in one another and so family members typically remain close ties with each other as well as the other family branches. Over the families lifetime, they have had several heads, with the current one being the fourth. The families presiding Head is 1st Matriarch, Edith Hope.



The Hope Family has existed for many years, finding its origins in Reza, Haense when Finn Hope I arrived after his parents were brutally murdered. Over time, Finn grew to love the people in the Royal Capital and would start his career in the army. Slowly but surely, he worked his way up the ranks to Armiger. The man also established himself as a Chef, working many years until becoming the Royal Sous-Chef, serving as the second in command below the Royal Chef, Hogo Bojo I. Finn also worked as a port time Doctor in the clinic. All of these varies assortments of activities spread the Hope name throughout the Capital and the surrounding area, establishing itself as a Haeseni commoner house. During his life, he alongside many members of his family also helped in the establishment of the Fire Church. Due to Finn's help in the formation of the religion, he was bestowed the hereditary title, 'Fire Lord of Curonia'. This was thought to be a prestigious title by members of the faith and put him in-charge of the religious affairs in the Kingdom of Curon as well as of those of Curonic descent. During the expedition trip to Athera from Arcas, Finn perished in the water. He would be succeeded by Tom Hope I after hearing the news of his fathers passing. Tom Hope was devastated after hearing of his Fathers passing and turned to religion to cope with his loss. Using the title inherited by his Father, the Fire Lord of Curonia, he worked hard and eventually convinced his fellow Lords to ascend him to Interim Leader of the Fire Church. He served as the Leader for a brief few year, during which he conducted several rituals and focused heavily on the spiritualistic and sacrificial parts of the religion. He would also bare several illegitimate children during this time, boosting the houses numbers but causing scrutiny from his peers.


After many years of leading the family, Tom passed away and was succeeded by Silvius I. Silvius wanted to reform the families image and so he moved to Providence, the Imperial Capital of the Holy Orenian Empire. There he met the love of his life, Edith Garnet, they quickly fell in love and married, having twin children only two years later. Silvius had a strong sense of family and duty and would spend lots of time with them. He was so dedicated to them that he considered giving up his titles in the Fire Church and switching his religion as it was tearing his family apart. After a few short years as the 3rd Patriarch of the house, he decided to abdicate as Head of his family to his spouse as he believed that she would be a better leader then him since he was constantly conflicted in his decisions and was unstable. So Edith took over as the first Matriarch of the family. A few years after this, Silvius disappeared one day mysteriously and was later declared dead. Edith brought many changes, making the family less reliant on war and hoping to bring it to Canonism along with becoming a business family. This lead to her opening a small Bistro on Helvets Street in Providence which has been open for more than two decades now. In the wake of the loss of many members of the Hope Family she has taken it on herself to renew her family by finding lost members of it to bring them back home to Providence.


The House of Hope has a very unique and diverse culture that has developed and changed constantly throughout time. The family currently a mix of Haeseni, Curonic, and Imperial descent and thus some of their culture and traditions stems from that. However, the family over time has developed their own unique traditions, beliefs and culture.


The House primarily speaks Common, the most used and widespread language in all of the continents. However, many members of the house mix in words from New Marian into their speech, hailing back to their beginning as a Haeseni family.


  • Religious Pilgrimage - Once a Hope reaches the age of fourteen, they are recognized as an adult within the family and are to set out on a religious pilgrimage to discover themselves and receive religious enlightenment.
  • The Succession Feast - Upon the proclamation of a new family head, a time of celebration is declared. All members of the family and close friends are invited to the Hope families main estate to dine, bond, and congratulate the new Head on their ascension. The feast starts in the early morning and continues until dusk.
  • The Meeting of Three - It is customary for the heads of the Bojo, Venlic, and Hope lines to meet every few years, whenever necessary, or in times of crisis to discuss important family decisions. It is also a time for the heads to reflect on the past and think towards the future of all the families.

Religious Beliefs

The Fire Church

Since the houses founding, members of the house have typically been a strong believer in the Fire Church. The first three family Heads were extremely passionate about the faith and all held the title of 'Fire Lord of Curonia', signifying that they were in-charge of the religious affairs in the Kingdom of Curon and those of Curonic descent. Tom Hope I was a notable member of House Hope who once held the position of Interim Leader of the Fire Church. Although he lead the faith for a few short years, it was still a prestigious achievement which brought glory and praise to his house from other believers of the faith. Although many members of the faith openly believed in the faith, several did so in secret, pretending to be a believer in the Canonist faith to avoid persecution. Although the house were strong believers in the faith back then, not as many members follow it during present day.


The Canonist faith is the most commonly followed present day religion for the family. However, in the past, it was typically used as a cover by family members who were believers in the Fire Church. This did this in order to avoid persecution. The current Matriarch, Edith I is a strong believer in the Canonist faith and was a large driving force to convert many members of the family. She ensured that her children were raised as good Canonists as well as trying to change the religious beliefs of other members.


House Hope is a Human house, with few exception of primarily Haeseni descent, however Curonic and Imperial blood runs though many of the current day members. This is due to several members of the house having children with foreign human partners.


Historical Succession

House Hope originally followed the Agnatic-Cognatic Primogeniture succession type for many years. This succession type was put into place by Finn Hope I 'the Founder' who believed that by raising a Heir for the specific purpose of leading the house, the house would thrive with a superb leader. This succession type means that the first born son inherits, with a daughter inheriting if there are eligible male sons. However, this succession law came to an abrupt end when the title of Head of House Hope was passed to the spouse of 3rd Patriarch, Silvius I through abdication. Thus the succession law was bypassed and the title was transferred to Edith Hope. After receiving the title, the succession law was changed a few years after to Absolute-Cognatic Designation and is the current succession law in place to this day.

Present Day Succession

House Hope currently follows the Absolute-Cognatic Designation succession type. This means that an Heir is selected from amongst members of the dynasty with the last name "Hope". Those who change their surname have no succession rights. Men and women can both be selected, and have an equal chance of inheriting. Those with skill and achievements will stick out the most and are most likely to be chosen. This succession law was put into place by Edith Hope who believed that her son, Finn Hope II would not do an adequate job as Patriarch when the time came for him to succeed her.


Members of the Hope dynasty of the age of fourteen years or older are legally considered adults within the family. This belief stems from the families founding in Haense, where the age of adults is fourteen. Those who hold the title of this age or above may lead the house with no restrictions. Those who inherit the title below the age of fourteen will be subjected to a Regency. The Regent will either be designated ahead of time by a previous family head or will be nominated amongst the current family members in leadership. A temporary or permanent Regency can also be called if the Head is declared to be incapable to lead. This can occur due to: sickness, injury, insanity, etc...

Coat of Arms hope1.png

The current coat of arms designed by Edith Hope in 1828, symbolizes three key parts from the Hope family:

The sun behind the flower represents that even when times may be grim, there is always hope and that is something that the family strongly believes in and lives by. The Sun will rise again, even if it's covered, even in your darkest hour, have hope. The un-withering flower represents that the families undying steadfast determination and loyalty.

House Relics

  • ‘Curonia Throne Jewel’
  • ‘Crown of Courland fragment’
  • ‘The Original Bro Code’

Notable Members

  • Finn Hope I - Founder of the Hope Family, Renowned Haeseni Sous-Chef, Military Man, Longest serving Head of the family. ✝
  • Tom Hope - Second Patriarch, First Interim Leader of the Fire Church, Widely known author in the Kingdom of Haense and land beyond known for his hit ‘The Bro Code’. ✝
  • Silvius Hope - Third Patriarch, First to abdicate from his family duties instead of serving to death. ✝
  • Edith Hope - First Matriarch, Introduced a wide variety of reforms to the family as well as switching the families official religion to Canonism.
  • Joseph Beckett - Patriarch of House of Beckett following Evan Becketts abdication due to illness. Quartermaster and Lieutenant of the Imperial State Army.

House Heads

Portrait Birth
Death Coat of Arms Title(s) Succession Right
Finn I 'the Opportunist'
Finn Hope

1720 - 1757
FinnHope.jpg 12th of the First Seed, 1702
Reza, Haense

1 Child
20th of Malin's Welcome, 1757
Haeseni Ship, Athera
aged 55
hope1.png Founder & 1st Patriarch of House Hope, 1st Fire Lord of Curonia House Founder
Tom I 'the Ambitious'
Tom Hope

1757 - 1794
TomHope.jpg 2nd of The First Seed, 1742
New Reza, Haense

Son of Finn I and
1 Child
25th of The Deep Cold, 1794
Reza, Haense
aged 34
TomHopeCOA.png 2nd Patriarch of House Hope, Interim Leader of the Fire Church, 2nd Fire Lord of Curonia Firstborn son of Finn I
Silvius I 'the Family Man'
Silvius Hope

1794 - 1803
SilviusHope.jpg 15th of The Ambers Cold, 1784
New Reza, Haense

Son of Tom I and
Edith Garnet-Beckett
2 Children
1st of The Ambers Cold, 1808
Providence, Oren
aged 24
hope1.png 3rd Patriarch of House Hope, 3rd Fire Lord of Curonia, Knight of Blazengard Firstborn son of Tom I
Edith I 'the Reformer'
Edith Garnet-Beckett Hope

1803 - 1834;
1834 - Present
EdithHope.jpeg 3rd of Snow's Maiden, 1782
Helena, Holy Orenian Empire

Daughter of Evan Beckett and
Lillian Garnet (Adopted Parents)
Silvius Hope
2 Children

Jakob Castington
3 Children
Alive hope1.png 1st Matriarch of House Hope, Alderwoman of Providence Married to Silvius I (Co-Head)

Title Abdicated by Silvius I
Position vacant from 1834 - 1836 due to the Head of House proclaiming a time of vacancy
Edith I 'the Reformer'
Edith Garnet-Beckett Hope

1803 - 1834;
1834 - Present
EdithHope.jpeg 3rd of Snow's Maiden, 1782
Helena, Holy Orenian Empire

Daughter of Evan Beckett and
Lillian Garnet (Adopted Parents)
Silvius Hope
2 Children

Jakob Castington
3 Children
Alive hope1.png 1st Matriarch of House Hope, Alderwoman of Providence Married to Silvius I (Co-Head)

Title Abdicated by Silvius I