House of Hartcold

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House of Hartcold
Holy Orenian Empire
Founded: 1642
Founder: Thomas I, Baron of Pyrmont
Current Head: Tiberius Antonius Hartcold
Duke of Rivia
Viscount of Fauconberg
Baron of Adylith
Baron of Pyrmont
Lord of Blackden
Ethnicity: Heartlander
Cadet Branches:
House of Hartcold-Honneur (Extinct)
House of Hartcold-Fille (Extinct)
House de Azcona (Extinct)

The House of Hartcold is a Sedanian noble family and the current ruling family of both the Viscounty of Fauconberg and Barony of Pyrmont They are close with the House of Bishop, as members of both houses have married before.



After the death of the patriarch of the House of Hartcold, George Hartcold, Edwin Hartcold, Thomas Hartcold and Merion Hartcold would make a meeting with the family members, to discuss the ethics and morals of the hi under a new patriarch. Formed from many, now as one.

Once the family was re-founded, the made an article at the family council about the values of the family, which are: Loyalty & unity, friendship & brotherhood, honor, prestige, and ambition.


The House of Hartcold found its first home in the Duchy of Curon. Joining in due to their distaste for the Kingdom of Santegia, they stood out as one of the three noble houses of Curon. For the remainder of their time in Axios, they continued to serve Curon, until the leader Thomas de Hartcold would leave them, breaking his oath, joining the Order of Saint Lucien in the middle of the Third Crusade, and upon the destruction of Axios.


Upon arriving in Atlas, the House of Hartcold once again found itself in the Duchy of Curon. However, soon it was announced that the Duchy would be stripping all of its noble houses of their status, and demoting them to gentry status, since the same was being done in the Kingdom of Marna. Although Curon did not end up joining Marna, as was planned, this remained in effect. Disgruntled by the stripping of their noble status, tensions rose between House de Hartcold. Upon hearing of plans to leave Curon, breaking his second oath, the leader of Curon and other members of the gentry captured and tortured Thomas I, nearly killing him before he managed to escape. This ultimately leads to House de Hartcold leaving the Duchy of Curon and seeking asylum in the Order of Saint Lucien. After this failed to achieve anything, the members of the House of Hartcold began building their own place. Upon its construction, they founded the Kingdom of Adylith, declaring themselves the royalty of this newly founded kingdom, thus leaving behind Thomas's oaths to the Order of Saint Lucien as he asked to be relieved of duty from the Order.

However, Curon was not done with the Hartcold family yet. Thomas I went missing, and his wife Auralia de Hartcold took over running the Kingdom. However, soon she found herself berated by other nations, who claimed the Kingdom of Adylith was a false Kingdom and showed great hostility. The War Nation of Krugmar attacked and attempted to vassalise the Kingdom. Right around the time of Thomas's return, in 1654, the global assembly summoned Adylith before the other human nations in the assembly. After threatening to declare war on the Kingdom, Auralia surrendered the Kingdom to the Principality of Curon, then becoming the Barony of Adylith. However, not yet done with the Hartcolds, Ser Sylvestre II levied charges against Thomas I, in an attempt bring him to trial which ultimately failed with the trial being called off as Curon never turned up. This was not the end of the de Hartcold's troubles, however, as in 1658, Thomas was arrested in Curon for insubordination and disrespect towards the current leader of the Principality, Princess Linette. In what would be known as "The Adylith Compromise" [1], the former patriarch was stripped of all titles and made Baron-Consort of Adylith. His wife, Auralia, would subsequently be made Baroness of Adylith with full authority over the barony, and Matriarch of House de Hartcold under Linette's decree.

The Betrayal of 1677


Barons of Pyrmont


The House of Hartcold has continually been trialled with modern controversies. The patriarch, Thomas Hartcold, broke several oaths to various human sovereigns, therefore staining his image and honor. His name is an ill-spoken one across the bastions of humanity, spread by much of the contemporary Marantine society and clergy. His betrayals, cowardice and delusions of grandeur through claiming a false crown have berated his public image.

Auralia Hartcold, his wife, has also faced plenty of hardship due to heinous sin and courtly affair. The Church of the Canon had founded Auralia for the crime of adultery, and therefore the woman was sentenced to a total of seven years of a sororal postulancy with The Order of Blessed Catherine. Stripped of her vanities, riches and lustful mannerisms, Auralia remained in the habit of a nun for an extended period of time. It was simply days after she was relieved of her tenure that she claimed her false crown as Queen-Consort of Adylith, which made a blaze of backlash and hate rise from communities all over Southern Atlas. Auralia was forced to relieve the crown and fall into submission to the Principality of Curon.

The bastard daughter of Thomas Hartcold, Ariana, was yet another figure of the bloodline to disgrace herself and her house. Ariana continued to disrespect the Church and her family, therefore resulting in a disciplined postulancy with the sisters of The Order of Blessed Catherine. However, wild and deranged, Ariana drew her weapon on Holy Mother Judith I and her own father, then fleeing from the grand abbey. This resulted in a severe and heinous stain on the bastard's name.

Hartcold Patriarchs

Name Portrait Arms Birth Marriages Death Title(s)
Thomas I, Baron of Pyrmont
Thomas William Hartcold
thomas.jpg HouseOfHartcold.png 13th of the Sun's Smile, 1619

Son of George Hartcold
and Eleanor Hartcold

(1) Auralia Kuzaki
4 children

(2) Antoinette Montgomery
3 children

10th of Malin’s Welcome, 1688
Aged 69
Duke of Rivia
Baron of Adylith
Baron of Pyrmont
Lord of Blackden
Robert Hartcold, 2nd Baron of Pyrmont
Robert James Hartcold
RobertHartcold.png HouseOfHartcold.png 1736

Son of Stephan Hartcold
and Joanna Vincennes

Antonia of Ves
4 children
21st of Grand Harvest, 1823
Providence, Oren
Aged 87
Baron of Pyrmont
Tiberius Hartcold, 3rd Baron of Pyrmont
Tiberius John Hartcold
TiberiusHartcoldEffigy.png HouseOfHartcold.png 7th of the Sun's Smile, 1761

Son of Robert Hartcold
and Antonia of Ves

(1) Henrietta Baden
17th of The Deep Cold, 1779
6 children

(2) Catherine O'Hara
6th of the Sun's Smile 1804
2 children

12th of Malin’s Welcome, 1815
Providence, Oren
Executed aged 54
Baron of Pyrmont
John Hartcold, 4rd Baron of Pyrmont
John Fredrick Hartcold
johnfreddy.jpeg HouseOfHartcold.png 1780

Son of Tiberius John Hartcold
and Henrietta Baden

Cristonia O'Rourke
4th of the Sun's Smile, 1803
3 Children
10th of the Grand Harvest, 1849
Age: 69 years
Baron of Pyrmont
John Hartcold, 1st Viscount of Fauconberg
John Alexander Hartcold
JohnAlexanderHartcold.png HouseOfHartcold.png 2nd of The First Seed, 1804

Son of John Frederick Hartcold
and Cristonia O'Rourke

Alice Bishop
Louisville, Principality of Sedan
19th Malin's Welcome, 1825
4 children
17th of Tobias' Bounty, 1839
Duchy of Rozania
Viscount of Fauconberg
Baron of Pyrmont
Vice Chancellor of Sedan
John Hartcold, 2nd Viscount of Fauconberg
John Aurelius Hartcold
JohnAurelius.jpg HouseOfHartcold.png 2nd of The Amber Cold, 1826
Louisville, Sedan

Son of John Alexander, 1st Viscount of Fauconberg
and Alice Bishop

Deyanira Ophelia de Sarkozy
Providence, Oren
11th of the Deep Cold, 1844
2 children
Missing, presumed dead Viscount of Fauconberg
Baron of Pyrmont

Coat of Arms

The coat of arms for the House of Hartcold consists of 4 quarterings, with each quarter symbolising their History. With the purple and Lorraine cross being their former coat of arms with the purple lion being their war flag.

The blazon is as follows:

Quarterly: first and fourth quarter are Purpure with a Or Pertinax cross, and second and third quarter are Argent with a Purpure lion rampant.