House of Grimm

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House of Grimm
Grimm Coat of Arms
Country: Venerra
Prince of Venerra
Count of Glythen
Baron of Lizat
Warden of Stormhold
Founder: Emory I, Prince of Venerra
Current Head: Ceriwyn I, Princess of Venerra, Aeldin
Ethnicity: Aeldinic

The House of Grimm (Common: Grimm; Raevir: Grimmov; High Imperial: Grimm) is a Human House originated from Aeldin, formed by Emory Grimm in Aeldin, and by Dominic Grimm in Atlas as a vassal to Hanseti-Ruska.



After ten decenniums in Aeldin, the offspring of Elias of Venerra and his consort, the Princess Selina Vientos, set off on a voyage to the land of Atlas to live with their cousin-house, the Ludovars. There, Dominic Grimm, immediately instituted himself as a promising squire to Robert I, serving as a member of his retinue. Meanwhile, his sisters, Alana and Valarie, were wed to prominent houses in the Imperium—the Houses of Rubens and Stafyr respectively. Soon thereafter, he was vassalized as a Baron.


The House, having fallen to ashes in the latter years of Atlas, returned to prominence during the arrival to Arcas. //WIP//