House of Carrington

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House of Carrington-d'Arkent
Carrington COA, reads "All have a price".
Country: imperialorenia.png Oren
Baron of Carrington (Former)
Founder: George "Green" Carrington
Current Head: Defunct
Heir Presumptive: N/A
Ethnicity: Highlander

The House of Carrington is a human noble family descended from the House of Carrion, founded by George "Green" Carrington, son of the late Jozef Carrion-Tuvyic and wealthy Helenic merchant, who would be rewarded the title of the Barony of Carrington by Emperor Peter III in the year 1764 [1] after tremendous work in helping revitalize Orenian Economy. Dissolved following The Brothers' War.

List of Titleholders

Portrait Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
George "Green" Carrington 1728 1770 Mary of Sunholdt 1st Baron of Carrington, received a matrilineal marriage which changed the last name to d'Arkent, wealthy merchant who helped revive the Orenian economy.
Mary Lucille d'Arkent 1755 1789 Joseph John de Selm Named the 1st Baroness-Regnant of Carrington at 15 years old, 1st female holder of the title in her own right, murdered by her daughter Emma Elaine d'Arkent.
Charles Augustus d'Arkent 1778 1810 Anna Henrietta of Provins Named the 2nd Baron of Carrington at 11 years old, 2nd Governor of the Augustine Palace, died at sea fetching something from the ruins of Helena.
Wilhelm Lucius d'Arkent 1803 Living Antonina of Vidaus (died 1835)

Alina of Susa (m. 1839)
Named the 3rd Baron of Carrington at 7 years old, known for the Carrington Cover-up of 1821 and aid in the Aster Revolution.
Coraline Antonia d'Arkent 1840 Living Leopold of Rochefort Named the 2nd Baroness-Regnant of Carrington at 20 years old following the abdication of her father. Abolished house.

Notable Figures

Mary Casimira of Carrington - The second female Governor of the Augustine, and fashion icon of the early 1800s in Providence during her time as Mistress of the Arts and on as Augustine Governor. Was executed after assassinating the crown prince, Philip Aurelian.