House of Brawm

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House of Brawm
Country: Oren, Hanseti
Lord of Houndsden
Hektor Brawm
Current Head:
Clove Brawm
Ethnicity: Highlander
House Motto: "Our Swords, always dirty"
Cadet Branches:
House of Lothston

The House of Brawm (Common: Brawm; Hansetian: Brawm; High Imperial: Bravis) is a Highlander family with roots dating back to Axios.



Originating from the streets of Johannesburg, the Brawm family was nothing but a collection of thieves and bandits. Hektor Brawm, a skilled thief and salesman who made his fortune off of selling cactus green managed to get an audience with the King of Haense at the time, Andrew II. Hektor came out with a small plot of land. House Brawm was founded in 1550 when the construction of the original Brawm Tower took place within the Barony of Rostig of House of Marbrand. New opportunities arose for the Brawms as they received new lands under the Kovachevs. In this land, the infamous keep that is known as Houndsden would come to be. The House became most notable for supporting his majesty King Andrew II during the Deep Cold Uprising. They are also known for joining Tobias Staunton in the Coalition War in 1594. Undoubtedly, the most tragic period for the Brawms was the Siege of Houndsden in 1600 against the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. The siege was a result of rebellion as the Brawms displayed support for the Coalition at the time of the Coalition War. These actions taken by Reeve Brawm resulted in the betrayal of Markus Brawm later formation of the House of Lothston. This siege marked the end of the Brawm family in Axios, with the majority of the family having been slain in battle to defend their home. A servant of House Brawm managed to escape days before the siege with a Brawm bastard named Angus Mudd. Angus would go on to join Norland during the Javier era, giving birth to several bastards.


After arriving in Atlas, Geordie Mudd, the bastard son of Adam Brawm wanted to avenge the fall of his family. Geordie managed to acquire a piece of land from then Reiver boss, Wydren Volaren, on the main road in between Renatus and Curon in what was dubbed the Yodeling Crossroads. There he built a small tower which would come to be known as Mudd tower. Geordie and his small band of bandits lived and conducted their raids, skirmishes, and heists from here. Eventually, however, Mudd Tower fell into ruin due to lack of upkeep, so Geordie and the remaining Brawms built a small keep near the ruins of Ruriksgrad and lived out the rest of Atlas there.


Geordie Mudd and a couple of bandits built hideouts all throughout the major cities in Arcas, which they use to perform various criminal activities.

Notable Figures

Hektor Brawm - Founder of the House of Brawm, known for popularizing cactus green all throughout Oren, bringing House Brawm into prominence, and leading several successful defensive raids for Haense

Reeve Brawm - Known for causing countless issues for the Imperials of Johannesburg, assassinating Heinrik Kovachev in the streets of St. Karlsburg, and leading House Brawm into rebellion against the Kingdom of Haense.