House of Baden

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House of Baden
Baden Sigil.png
Country: Courland, Oren, The Empire of Man and Empire of Renatus
Parent House: House of Staunton
Count of Trier
Baron of Fredericksburg
Founder: Frederick Staunton-Baden
Current Head: Seth Aurelius Baden
Ethnicity: Heartlander
House Motto: WIP

The House of Baden is a human noble family from the parent House of Staunton. While it is of Courlandic origin, the House is mostly viewed as an Orenian House.



House Baden was first formed in Axios, when Frederick Staunton was granted the County of Trier and thereafter took the Baden name. The House was very influential in Courlandic politics, especially as Frederick served as Arch-Chancellor and left much of ruling Trier to his eldest son. Later on when Aleksandria was couped by the de Savins and de Castros, Frederick would be publicly beheaded. All of his children, bar Ariana who had already married, fled to the court of Peter II. Some blame Frederick for the downfall of Courland.

It was at the court of Peter II that Thomas Baden would find himself appointed High Magistrate of the Holy Orenian Empire. Thomas would also arrange the marriage of his sister, Philippa, to the Emperor's younger brother, Prince Philip, during this time. Ariana would die in 1624 after a spell of illness. Prince Philip, Duke of Corazon, would be killed in 1623, whereafter Philippa would move into solitude until her death in 1666. And Astrid died in 1650. Thomas and Richard, the only surviving members of the family would move to Aeldin, where they remained until their deaths in 1705 and 1678 respectively.


The Baden family would be seen for the first time since 1666 in 1690 when Frederick Alexander Baden arrived at the age of four, having been sent by his father, Thomas, to serve the new Empire of Man under Emperor Aurelius. Frederick would become a squire for his efforts in Third Atlas Coalition War and would continue to squire and serve as a Knight Errant throughout the rest of Atlas.


Frederick would finally be knighted in Arcas. House Baden stayed loyal to Godfrey III during the War of Two Emperors. Frederick would be captured by Holy Orenian troops in 1718 and was executed. The House Baden was then left in the hands of his two year old son, Seth Aurelius Baden and his younger siblings, Thomas Aldis and Adriana Nicole.

Notable Members

  • Seth Aurelius Baden - Son of Frederick Alexander Baden, former Patriarch of Baden who was primarily known for being morbidly obese.
  • Philip Frederick Baden - Son of Seth Aurelius Baden, current Patriarch of House Baden.

Patriarchs of Baden

Name Portrait Birth
Death Coat of Arms Title(s)
Frederick I
Frederick Staunton-Baden
7dcf738d157d589681119045abbc5866.jpg 1559
Riga, Courland, Oren

Son of Alexander Staunton.
Amina Kharadeen
Al-Wakhrah, Khalestine
5 children
Aleksandria, Courland
aged 58
Baden Sigil.png Prince of Courland
Count of Trier
Thomas I
Thomas Edward Baden
tommy baden.jpg 1596
Aleksandria, Courland

Son of Frederick Staunton-Baden and Amina Kharadeen
Sophie of Fenbel
Fenbel, Agathor, Aeldin
1 child
Pronce, Agathor, Aeldin
aged 109
Baden Sigil.png Count of Trier
Frederick II
Frederick Alexander Baden
yikes buddy its otto.jpg 1686
Pronce, Agathor, Aeldin

Son of Thomas Edward Baden and Sophie of Fenbel
Anastasia Capet
Carolustadt, Renatus
3 children
Reza, Haense
aged 31
Baden Sigil.png Knight of Renatus
Seth I
Seth Aurelius Baden
sethbaden.jpg 1716
Helena, Oren

Son of Frederick Alexander Baden and Anastasia Capet
Camilla Valen
Helena, Oren
4 children
Helena, Oren
aged 39
Baden Sigil.png Baron of Fredericksburg
Philip I
Philip Frederick Baden
phillybadentemp.jpeg 1746
Helena, Oren

Son of Seth Aurelius Baden and Camilla Valen
Unwed Alive Baden Sigil.png N/A