House De Medina

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House de Medina


House de Medina Flag
Osanora.png Osanora
Sutica Arms.png The Free State of Sutica
Titles: Count of Osanora
Founder: Antonio De Medina
Current Head: Felipe De Medina
Ethnicity: Hispanic
House Motto: "Let Them Face The Flood"

Ruling family of Osanora.


Similar to all citizens of Osanora, the Medinas have varying shades of brown skin and brown/black hair. The men never grow their hair out past their shoulders, but do have well kept facial hair. The women prefer longer hair which can be braided into intricate patterns to showcase beauty. Their clothing is strictly made by Osanorian tailors to showcase their unyielding love and support to their people.


House Medina has been impacted by their nation Sutica in their way of thinking. They are keen on avoiding conflict but are no strangers to diplomacy, many of them choosing to follow government careers. They put the well being of their people before almost all else and regard family as second only GOD.


Adorning traditional Osanorian clothing, the woman wear bright popping dresses. There are those who choose to wear more simplistic clothing, still in varying colors, but not as flashy. A common trend is to wear Osanora colors, shades of blue and white.

Notable Figures


Antonio de Medina was the original founder of House Medina. He passed with only one adopted child, Felipe. Felipe de Medina now sits as head of House Medina with plans to marry Lacie Du Casse of The Rhein.