Hoonseti Rooska

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Kingdom of Hoonseti-Rooska
Hooseti Royal Flag
Capital: Karosgrad

New Marian
Northern Raev Botch

Demonym: Haeseni
Government: Appointed absolute dual monarchy
King: -vacant-
Queen: -vacant-
Lord Palatine: -vacant-
Grand Lady: -vacant-
Lady Chamberlain: -vacant- Aulic Envoy: -vacant-
Lady Marhsall: -vacant-
Lord Treasurer: -vacant-
Lord Justicar: -vacant-
Knight Paramount: -vacant- Lord Justicar: -vacant-
Currency: IronKrawn1.png Krawn
Preceded by:

imperialorenia.png Holy Orenian Empire
CarnatiaCOA.png Duchy of Carnatia
IMG 3918.PNG Duchy of Courland


The Kingdom of Hoonseti-Rooska is a fictional kingdom that has been the product of generations worth of make-belief games by the children of the real Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Various groups of children from the real Kingdom, often ones from Aristocratic families, have taken up the mantles of Monarchs, Councillors and Knights of this kid's kingdom, positions that closely mirror that of Hoonseti-Rooska's real counterpart. The drama and fun of this children's kingdom often spiral into fun for the whole family as disputes, missives and claims between the kingdom's children are often made public and spiral into involving parents and peers alike. Whether Hoonseti-Rooska is real or not however, at the end of the day it is good fun for all. That is, until someone gets grounded.

Declaration of Hoonse-dependance

The Foundation

The Kingdom of Hoonse was created in 36 SA after Princess Anastasia Isabella of Haense, along with a small group of her friends and young family, gathered themselves together and declared herself the ruler of an independent nation of children. In Hoonse, the primary law of is that no persons of adult age are allowed to be present at their meetings or participate in their activities. Having no official place to organize their business, the group used the Royal Duma hall to conduct their meetings and debates. That is until a new - and quite large - room was carved out of the attick of the palace's duma hall wing. This room would not be used until the later reign of Johanna I. Under Princess Anastasia, Hoonse saw the largest population of children to date, and even extended political interactions with the child-Principality of Helsreach and even a small scale political aggression with the child-kingdom of Nurrland.

Succession & Civil War

Elizabeta's Reign

Upon the emeritus queen Anastasia I reaching the age of majority, the duty of ruling the child-kingdom of Hoonse was passed down to her Niece, Klara Elizaveta, first daughter of her brother King Sigismund III. Under Klara, Hoonse experienced the expansion of it's government systems in the form of the Hoonse Aulic Council. A body of advisors to the Queen similar to Aulic Council of the adult Haense kingdom.

The Vidoosi Rebellion


Revival Period

Johanna's Reign


Celine's Reign


Reform Period

Johanna's Reign


System of Government

Appointed Dual-Absolute-Monarchy System