High Pontiff Theodosius I

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Georgiy Nikovic
High Pontiff
Reign: 1562-1567
Enthronement: 6th of the Sun's Smile, 1562
Predecessor: Daniel III
Successor: Sixtus IV
Born: 3rd of the Deep Cold, 1536
Godansk, Krajia, Oren
Died: 24th of the Amber Cold, 1567 (aged 31)
Felsen, Oren

Theodosius I (Common: Theodore I; High Imperial: Theodosius I), born as Georgiy Nikovic, was a Raevir clergyman who served as High Pontiff between 1562 and 1567. Theodosius is viewed generally as an innocent clergyman wrongfully elevated to the position of Vicar, whose reign continued the stagnation and decline that began under Tobias I. During his reign, the Council of Anpalais would annul the work dubbed Revelations of Daniel III, though this is credited to his powerful clergyman and the Empire versus his own accord. His reign concluded rapidly at his sudden death and he was succeeded by High Pontiff Sixtus IV.