High Pontiff Daniel III

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High Pontiff
Daniel III
Reign: 1552-1562
Enthronement: 21st of the Deep Cold, 1552
Predecessor: Tobias I
Successor: Theodosius I
Born: 23rd of the Grand Harvest, 1526
Felsen, Oren
Death: 1601
Spouse: Helaine Sarkozic
House: Horen
Full Name: Charles Francis
Father: John I
Mother: Adelheid of Istria

Daniel III (Common: Daniel III; High Imperial: Daniel III) (17th of Malin's Welcome, 1526 – present), given the epithet the Blind for his lack of eyesight near the end of his tenure, was High Pontiff between 1552 and 1562. Daniel, formerly known as Prince Charles, Duke of Furnestock of the Holy Orenian Empire, also served in numerous other positions, most notably as Duke of Banard for 1542 to 1544 as well as one of his father's ambassadors and courtiers.

Daniel was elected High Pontiff after the passing of his long-time rival and opponent, Tobias I, and proclaimed a return to 'the era of Daniel I and Everard II'. Despite such, Daniel III frequently quarreled with his fellow clergy during the majority of his time in the papal throne. His multitude of attempted reforms (majority of which surrendered power to the Empire) was liked by only a select few of the canonical body, and he came under heavy scrutiny after appointing his own son as Lord Vicar and viscount of the pontifical lands.

The tension reached a breaking point when Daniel III proclaimed his controversial 'Revelations', a manifesto declaring his selected successor (the future Theodosius I) and the Church's underlying role to the Orenian Empire. By petition of the clerical body, led by multiple disenfranchised bishops and cardinals, Daniel III was forced to abdicate, and most of his attempted policies revoked.

He would be sent to Aeldin to serve in a Canonist monastery, under strict guard and scrutiny.

Early Occupation

Charles was born to John I, Holy Orenian Emperor and his wife Adelheid of Istria in 1526, six days after his father's coronation as Holy Orenian Emperor. He was bestowed the title Duke of Furnestock after his birth, a status which he held till his elevation as High Pontiff in 1552. Charles spent the majority of early life within the Duchy of Carnatia, as a ward under the Duke Otto Sarkozic and squire under the famed general Jan Kovachev. He did, however, dream for the life of a clergyman, an ambition which came onto conflict with his sire's demands of a princely and noble life. Charles maintained a close bond with his mother Adelheid, despite his father's scorn for her and his brothers' mockery (especially that of his eldest brother, John Sigismund, with whom he had a turbulent relationship) and continued to guard her for the majority of his life.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Prince Charles Philip, Viscount of Balain 1543 Deceased Roslin Harwyn Firstborn child of Charles, Duke of Furnestock, and Duchess Helaine.
Prince Henry Joseph of Furnestock 1543 Deceased Gwyndolyn Warlai Secondborn child of Charles, Duke of Furnestock, and Duchess Helaine.
Julia Adelheid, Empress consort of Oren 1544 1631 John III, Holy Orenian Emperor Thirdborn child of Charles, Duke of Furnestock, and Duchess Helaine. Empress consort of the Holy Orenian Empire.