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Henrik Kovachev
Duke of Carnatia
In Office: 1589-1600
Preceded by: Title created
Succeeded by: Sergius II
Born: 18th of Malin's Welcome, 1560
Carnatia, Oren
Died: 13th of Malin’s Welcome, 1600 (aged 40)
St. Karlsburg, Haense
Spouse: Kynsinna of Riverford
House: Kovachev
Father: Sergius I, Duke of Carnatia
Mother: Roseia Staunton

Henrik Kovachev (Common: Henrik Kovacs, High Imperial: Henricus Kovacs, Raevir: Henrik Kovachev) inherited the title of Count of Turov upon the mysterious death of his father in 1589, and held it proudly until the restoration of his family’s ancestral title of Duke of Carnatia. He continued the tradition of a sizable military presence and a disciplined fighting force begun by his father and grandfather. He served a modest tenure as Chancellor during the Reign of King Marius I.


He and his kin continued their tradition of serving as staunch bannermen to their liege and to the Imperial Crown. This was most apparent when the young lord was with the retinue of Haensetic Lords that were present when King Andrew II of Haense murdered Emperor John IV in his own chambers in a visit to the Johannesburg. Standing alongside his brother, Andrei, the two protested the barbarism that they had bore witness to. Which marked the beginning of Andrew’s Rebellion, also marked the point where relations between Henrik and his vassal, Lord Hektor Brawm, turned sour. Following the Emperor’s death, he watched on in horror as Hektor Brawm, in an act of defiance, desecrated the late Emperor’s corpse by afterwards stabbing the lifeless body thrice, drawing his own blood. He dared not lift a blade against his liege and the now blood-sated men, and retreated with the rest of the Lords back past the Greyspine as they fled from Imperial forces.

While many Haensetic Lords begun making preparations for the Kingdom’s secession and the inevitable Imperial response, he and his father denounced the actions of King Andrew II of Haense as rash and impulsive, and declared they would remain loyal to the Empire. With the Counts of Metterden and Turov withdrawing support from King Andrew II of Haense, the rebellion fell apart shortly after, and the Kingdom was brought back into the fold once more. However, this served to strain the relations between the House of Kovachev and their vassal House, Brawm. As the Brawms began to view the Kovachevs as cowards and Imperial bootlickers.


Three years later, following the mysterious death of his father, Henry was thrust into the position of Count of Turov. He was unprepared by his father’s untimely demise and was struck with heavy grief. Despite this, he dutifully upheld his newfound position. He instantly set about reforming the Kovachev bannerforce and remodeling the Turovic lands which had found themselves in a state of disrepair. New fields were planted and houses were erected, springing up around the newly commissioned keep of Kovachgrad. Henry was often said to have stood upon the battlements of his walls, looking on in pride to the changes he’d brought. These changes marked a resurgence of Kovachev prestige and influence in the North. Turov, for some time, rivaling even Haense's capital, St. Karlsburg, in terms of strategic importance. He interacted often with the men underneath his command, engaging in sparring with the grunts to organizing hunts in the Turovic woods.

His exploits had not gone unnoticed. After the reign of King Andrew II of Haense, King Andrew’s brother and now regent, Prince Charles, saw it fit to restore the ducal coronet of Carnatia back into the hands of House of Kovachev. This enabled Henrik to proudly take up his family's ancestral title of Duke of Carnatia. Some time around this period, he was also offered a position upon the privy as Lord Chancellor, which he had so gladly accepted, continuing his faithful service to the Kingdom.

Despite the liveliness of the Turovic lands, just across the way remained his insubordinate vassals of the House of Brawm, who often proved as a thorn in his side. The Brawms were known to often start problems in both Johannesburg and Carnatia. Hektor Brawm made it no secret of his disdain for Henry and the House of Kovachev, and would often times shout insults across the hall and spit in the direction of Henry and his kin during court sessions within the palace of Ottosgrad. This would remain a persistent theme until Henry confronted Lord Brawm before the whole court, urging him to end the pointless feud and restore peace and prosperity to their two houses. He gave a moving speech, giving Lord Hektor terms he could not refuse. In doing so, he ultimately ended the feud between the House of Kovachev and the House of Brawm. However, after the disastrous Battle of Goldfields which saw the death of Lord Hektor, his son, Reeve Brawm, drew plans to separate from the Kingdom of Haense.


From a young age, Henrik was betrothed to Kynsinna of Riverford. However, he would come to be criticized for having married a lowly Marbrand. Some within the family would view the marriage as a dent in Kovachev prestige. Despite this, as duchess-consort, she proved to be a favorite among Carnatian citizens.


After having fallen ill for several months, he believed himself unfit to rule, abdicating the throne to his son Sergius II, named after Henrik’s own father. Soon after, relinquishing the title of Chancellor as well to Lord Lukas Vanir. Henrik continued to live out his days in the harsh and unforgiving cold of the Northern Plains. He often made trips to the capital, venturing across the frozen wastes to St. Karlsburg. However, this would ultimately be his undoing. For some time he had gone missing until he had been found murdered by Brawm loyalists in a back alley of St. Karlsburg upon the 30th of the Deep Cold, 1600. He would become a martyr in what would see combine Haensetian forces eradicate the treacherous House of Brawm in the Siege of Houndsden.


Name Birth Death Marriage Notes
Elizaveta Julia Kovachev 23rd of the Grand Harvest, 1585 Missing Prince Otto of Haense Firstborn daughter of Henrik and Kynsinna.
Sergius II Henrik Kovachev 7th of the Amber Cold, 1587 11th of Sun's Smile, 1613 Katherine of Haense Firstborn son of Henrik and Kynsinna. Inherited title as Duke of Carnatia upon Henrik's death.
Katerina Reza Kovachev 17th of Malin's Welcome, 1588 Dead King Otto I Secondborn daughter of Henrik and Kynsinna. Timid.
Georgiy Byron Kovachev 4th of the First Seed, 1590 Dead Unwed Secondborn son of Henrik and Kynsinna. Known homosexual. Disavowed.