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Very destructive wraith-like beings empowered by Setherien, they were the most dangerous beings in Anthos. The upper echelons of the Black Scourge, these beings used glass cannons in combat and were able to rend dark rifts into mortal skies to unleash the fury of of the drakaar's corruption. Able to disguise their fluid forms with a special form of illusory magic, they could create black smog and condense it into frigid ebonfire. Unkillable by normal means, only with holy light could one remotely even hope to defeat one.

With Setherien defeated all the Harbingers seem to have disappeared, either having perished following the onslaught or converted into draconic Wraiths.

The Keeper

The leader of the Harbingers, only under rule of Setherien himself. His armor was of a fiery orange.


The Chosen

Known Harbingers of the first age, they carried blue Thanhic armor.

- Nihil

- Shae'Tan

- Dunamis

- Daink

- Mortum'Vherzix

- Khrell’os

- Kav'Zoras

The Followers

Mortals that fell to the wrath of Setherien, they bared red armor.

- Orakana

- Eudihr

- Absolution

- Xort

- Oblitus

- Skelvyas

- Kaernk